Florence little stories

This is a review of my return visit this time (late September) after visiting Florence around Lunar New Year 2019.

​Transportation: I took a bus to go to Michelangelo Hill, and if you buy it from the driver, it costs 3 euros.

The basic price is 1.

7 euros.

If you buy multiple tickets, the driver won’t like it and the price difference is big, so I recommend using the app (at bus) or purchasing in advance.

The app has a promotional QR next to the ticket machine.

If you activate it after purchase, it has a 90-minute validity period.

Since there are ticket machines only at tram stops, it would be easier to install the app and pay with a card.

(You can also buy multiple copies in advance and activate them whenever you need them).


​Weather: Actually, I thought it would be cooler than Rome, but according to the weather forecast, the maximum temperature was higher than Rome or Sicily where I am currently.

However, the daily temperature difference is the largest, so those who are sensitive to cold will need outerwear when it gets warm.

During my stay, the temperature ranged from 13 to 31 degrees.

​T-Bone: Actually, I visited T-Bone to relax and eat.

Evaluation of taste may vary from person to person and situation to situation, so I will just give you a recommendation.

The link store is below.

I don’t think I asked if it was served in a brazier and cooked separately.

If you like it well-done, it may be difficult to eat.

(Please note this when accompanied by parents) I ate it four times at different T-Bone restaurants, and the sirloin was the most tender.

I was satisfied 4 years ago too.

We, two women and five men, ordered two sides (potato dish and onion dish) and 4.

5kg T-bone, but we all ended up very full, so I think it would have been most appropriate for about 8 people.

There were times when you could get a discount if you made a reservation through The Fork app.

I was about to give up because I couldn’t make a reservation through the app, but my companion asked on the phone and said he could come right away, so I was able to visit.




gl/mboohT45WLaYELhKA ​​In addition to this, the main branch of Dal Oste, which I visited for the first time, was okay (there was a Korean manager, so the menu was in Korean, but he explained it separately).

As of 4 years ago, Zaza was okay.

(There were some positive reviews from my companions about the shrimp pasta this time).