Top Value-for-Money Accommodations of 2023 in Rem Plus Ginza Hotel

Review of Rem Plus Ginza Hotel

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Location or Area: The accommodation is closer to Shinbashi Station, especially Exit 1.

Distance from the Station: Less than 5 minutes?

My Recommendation Score: ★★★★

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Breakfast Included: Yes

Surrounding Atmosphere: Quiet

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Location orDistance from the Station: Less

Overall Satisfaction Description: I would like to share my review of REm plus Kinshicho. Overall, I am highly satisfied with my stay. Although it is located in Kinshicho, it is much closer to Shinbashi Station, particularly Exit 1. However, if you have luggage, I recommend using the elevator at Exit 3 of the Kinshicho line. If you have purchased a round trip ticket to Narita, you can enter using the Nex ticket at JR Shinbashi Station. Unfortunately, I did not know this and ended up paying extra. Kinshicho and Shinbashi are both convenient stations for traveling on foot. Tskiji Fish Market is within walking distance, and you can also take a bus from Shinbashi Station.

The hotel is just a 2-minute walk from Hana Massa Mart and Kinshicho Donki. Personally, I did not compare prices here, so I bought heavy drinks like pudding beer at Kinshicho Donki. While Hana Massa Mart may not be very big, it is still enjoyable to explore.

There is a nearby place called Pama, which is a 1-minute walk away. I encountered a very funny employee here, and another staff member tried to exclude 1,000 yen from my yogurt purchase. They calculated and subtly moved it out of sight towards their side. When I asked why they didn’t give it to me, they eventually handed it over. It could be a misunderstanding, but…

During check-in at the hotel, despite clearly speaking in Japanese, they stubbornly spoke to me in English. You know, Japanese English… When they explained “calculations” to me, they used the spelling “dex.” I had no idea what they meant. Then they asked if I knew “Tex” pronounced as “tekusunya.” I was completely confused.

The room I was assigned didn’t have much light coming in, to the point where I didn’t need curtains. However, having a massage chair was a nice amenity. The hotel was recently built, so the room was spacious. Oh, and the bed was wide! It wasn’t the typical Japanese double room size, which is cramped for two people. It was a comfortable bed size. I stayed alone, and it felt really spacious.

The most important thing was that they had YouTube! Sadly, there were only Japanese shows playing, so I ended up watching Hakata serial killer’s face every day…

As for breakfast, I would not recommend it. I had it with my parents, and it was mediocre. It didn’t meet the value for money expectations. It’s just a basic breakfast, so if you really need it, go ahead and have it.

Although the overall satisfaction level was high, if I had to choose between REm plus Kinshicho and Hotel Candeo Shinbashi, I would choose Hotel Candeo Shinbashi. The reason I chose REm plus Kinshicho was only because it had one massage chair, but it didn’t provide the same level of satisfaction… I don’t watch YouTube anyway, and I heard that Japanese news is good. It’s also an opportunity to study Japanese…

That’s all for my review of REm plus Kinshicho!

Based on your stay at REm plus Kinshicho, I’m glad to hear that you were overall highly satisfied with your experience. The hotel’s location, close to Shinbashi Station, makes it convenient for exploring the surrounding areas. A must-visit attraction within walking distance is the Tsukiji Fish Market, where you can immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere and enjoy some of the freshest seafood. Additionally, Shinbashi Station offers easy access to various other attractions via bus or train.

If you’re interested in shopping and trying out local products, I recommend checking out Hana Massa Mart and Kinshicho Donki, both just a short 2-minute walk from the hotel. While Hana Massa Mart may not be large, it still offers a pleasant shopping experience. Kinshicho Donki, on the other hand, is known for its wide range of products and unique finds. It’s worth exploring if you’re looking for something specific or want to find some fun and interesting items.

Just a minute away from the hotel is Pama, a nearby establishment where you can find various goods and services. However, I should note that one guest mentioned experiencing a questionable incident with a staff member. So, exercise caution and remain vigilant during your visit.

In terms of nearby tourist attractions, one highly recommended spot is the iconic Tokyo Tower. You can easily reach it by taking a bus or train from Shinbashi Station. Tokyo Tower offers breathtaking views of the city from its observation decks, making it a popular destination for tourists.

Another attraction worth considering is the historic Asakusa district, accessible via train from Shinbashi Station. Asakusa is home to the famous Senso-ji Temple, a Buddhist temple dating back centuries. The surrounding streets are vibrant and lined with traditional shops and restaurants, giving visitors a taste of old Tokyo.

Overall, with REm plus Kinshicho as your base, you have easy access to various attractions like Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo Tower, and Asakusa. These destinations offer unique experiences and a glimpse into the rich culture and history of Tokyo. Enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time exploring these exciting locations!