Make Your Trip Special with Accommodations in Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza

Review of Solaria Nishitetsu Ginza

Accommodation Name (Rating): Solarea Nishinetsu Ginza
Location: Ginza
Distance from Stations: Ginza Station – 5-10 minutes, Higashi-Ginza Station – 3-5 minutes
Recommended Score: ★★★★★
Accommodation Type: Twin Room
Accommodation Cost: 3 nights – $30
Booking Platform: Agoda
Breakfast Inclusion: No
Surrounding Atmosphere: Many department stores and high-rise buildings in Ginza area.

Accommodation Name (Rating): Solarea Nishinetsu Type: Twin Room
Accommodation Cost:

Overall Satisfaction Description: The location is convenient, just a short distance from the station (although it felt like a longer walk from the bus stop for 1300 yen). The hotel is in a good location with a safe surrounding area. It is small but clean, and the staff is friendly.

Overall Satisfaction Description: The locationThe hotel is in a

Initially, I requested a room on a high floor, but was informed that while it could be arranged, the view would not be great. However, I didn’t really mind the view since I didn’t expect it from this hotel anyway.

Initially, I requested a roomHowever, I didn't really mind

The front desk staff is very kind, although they don’t speak Korean. We communicated in Japanese, and I was impressed that they spoke slowly to match my comprehension speed. Despite the check-in time being 3 PM, we arrived around 2 PM, and they allowed us to check in immediately as the cleaning was already done. They were really helpful and friendly.

There is an ice machine on each floor, and if you call the front desk, they will kindly answer your questions. It seems like the heating is individually controlled as I was able to adjust the temperature myself (it only went up to around 30 degrees). The room had an air purifier and a humidifier from the beginning, so the air quality was good. The window could be opened as well. However, for a Ginza hotel, the room was still small.

On the first floor, there are vending machines and a microwave. The amenities can be taken from the lobby. There were toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, etc., provided in the room.

They offer luggage storage (which is why one side of the small lobby was full of bags). They can also call a taxi for you, but there is an additional fee of 500 yen for that service, which is a bit expensive.

The bathroom was nice. I can tolerate small rooms, but I really dislike the tube-like space in Japanese bathrooms. So, I specifically looked for a room that had a separate shower area and toilet space, and this room had it. It was excellent. If there had been no bathtub, I would have suffered from muscle pain, but luckily the water came out well.

There is no convenience store directly connected to the hotel, but there is a FamilyMart just a minute away, which we found very convenient. Next to FamilyMart, there is a Hanamaru Udon restaurant.

There is also an Ittudo Ramen restaurant right in front of the hotel. On the way to the hotel from Higashi-Ginza Station, there are some reasonably priced restaurants for Ginza standards. Tsukiji Fish Market is also within walking distance.

My parents were satisfied with everything except for the small room. When we were going to and from Ginza Station, we passed by a hotel called “Millennium Mitsui Garden” and my parents kept saying it looked big and nice. Unfortunately, we only covered the luxury experience on the last day.

We didn’t have breakfast as it didn’t seem to be a good value for money. It’s not a buffet but a choice between Western or Japanese set meals and fruit sandwiches.

One more positive thing is that the check-out time is 12 PM. We checked out earlier, but having a flexible check-out time is great.

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For tourists staying at Solarea Nishinetsu Ginza, there are several nearby tourist attractions and activities that I would recommend exploring during your stay in Ginza.

Firstly, Ginza itself is known for its upscale shopping and high-end department stores. Take a stroll along the famous Chuo-dori street, where you’ll find flagship stores of luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. The area is also home to numerous art galleries, showcasing both traditional and contemporary Japanese artwork.

If you’re interested in experiencing the local culinary scene, make sure to visit Tsukiji Fish Market, which is within walking distance from the hotel. This renowned seafood market offers an incredible selection of fresh seafood, and you can even join a sushi-making class or enjoy a seafood breakfast at one of the local restaurants.

For those seeking a cultural experience, consider visiting Kabuki-za, the famous Kabuki theater located nearby. Kabuki is a traditional Japanese performing art form that combines music, dance, and drama. You can watch a live Kabuki performance, or if you prefer a shorter experience, opt for a guided tour of the theater to learn about its history and see the stunning architecture.

Another interesting attraction in the area is Hama-rikyu Gardens, a beautiful landscape garden situated alongside Tokyo Bay. Take a leisurely walk through the serene gardens, featuring tidal ponds, tea houses, and traditional bridges. You can also enjoy matcha tea and traditional Japanese sweets in one of the tea houses while taking in the peaceful surroundings.

If you’re interested in exploring further afield, the hotel’s proximity to Higashi-Ginza Station provides easy access to other areas of Tokyo. From there, you can visit popular attractions such as Asakusa, home to the historic Senso-ji Temple, or the vibrant neighborhood of Akihabara, known for its electronic shops and anime culture.

In conclusion, while staying at Solarea Nishinetsu Ginza, you have the opportunity to explore the upscale shopping district of Ginza, visit the famous Tsukiji Fish Market, immerse yourself in traditional Kabuki theater, experience the tranquility of Hama-rikyu Gardens, and easily access other key attractions in Tokyo. Ensuring a mix of cultural, culinary, and shopping experiences, these attractions are sure to provide a memorable stay for tourists in this area.