Tips for choosing a hotel based on reviews

I usually make hotel reservations through

If you choose a hotel with more than 100 ratings, most of them are good hotels, but hotels with high ratings are generally expensive.
However, in my experience, even in the 7-point range, which is not a high rating, I have had quite a bit of experience using hotels with not very good facilities, but which were clean and decent at a reasonable price.

When looking at reviews on,
The default option for sorting reviews is “suitable reviews,” but I change this to “low-rated reviews.”
Then you will understand what the shortcomings and problems of this hotel are.
If that drawback is important to me, next time I’ll change the sort order to “Recent Reviews.”
And let’s take a look at whether this hotel’s shortcomings and problems are still ongoing or have been improved recently.

Then, it seems like you can choose a hotel without making a mistake with a relatively high rating and price.

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