Reviews of all 4 hotels in Berlin-Austria

After leaving the company, I went on a couple’s trip to Berlin-Austria from June 26th to July 15th, and I am writing this review to provide even a little help in choosing accommodation!
My travel style is staying in one city for a long time.
It’s a style where you can stay at a hotel for consecutive nights (because it’s a hassle to move).

1. Berlin – Best Western Hotel Mitte (5 nights)Image

Since I chose this hotel for its cost-effectiveness, I did not take pictures of the rooms.
I left a picture of the view outside the window.

Pros – The air conditioner was great, the water pressure was crazy (even though it was on the 6th floor, my head would pop), the location is near a university, or there is a police station behind the hotel, so it felt quite safe as there were police officers around the hotel 24 hours a day for 5 nights, Museum Island and surrounding areas. All tourist attractions can be walked!
(Excluding East Berlin, such as the Berlin Wall and Mauerpark), with elevator

Disadvantage – It’s so narrow!
The room was small, the bathroom was small, and I was surprised at how small it was as soon as I entered.
No refrigerator.
I chose this hotel without much expectations, so the only downsides are these.

2. Innsbruck, Austria – Nala Individuel Hotel (2 nights)Image


Pros – I booked a cinema room!
The room is spacious.
There is a refrigerator.
I was really happy with the view of the Alps outside the window!
The location is also about a 5-minute walk from the Arc de Triomphe~ Innsbruck itself is small and the town is so pretty, so it was better for the hotel to be a little further away than to be located inside the downtown area!

Disadvantage – Is the hotel room design a hit or miss?
It feels quite faithful to the concept of the room!
(<-It seems to be both an advantage and a disadvantage).
Even when the bathroom shower booth was closed, all the water leaked out, so there was always water on the floor, which was inconvenient.
There was an air conditioner, but it felt like it wasn’t there. Still, Innsbruck was cool, so it wasn’t that big of an inconvenience!

3. Salzburg, Austria – Hotel Golden Krone1512 (2 nights)Image


Pros – You can walk anywhere in Salzburg!
A week into my trip, I was desperate for a Korean restaurant, and I was very satisfied with the Korean restaurant Hibiscus right nearby!
The street in front of the hotel is very cute (I personally liked it better than Getrider Street).
The room is incredibly large.
It’s an old hotel, but the bathroom and shower room seem to have been remodeled!
(They are separate).
There is a refrigerator and an elevator.
There was a cafe and spur mart right in front of the hotel, so it was great to get something to eat!!

Disadvantage – There is a place near the hotel that rings a bell every hour, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes, so you can get an automatic wake-up call (it’s okay if you close the window tightly and draw the curtains, but it’s difficult if you’re asleep.)

3. Austria – Hotel Furian (1 night)Image


(Because it is a hotel in a tourist area, it is an expensive area no matter where you choose, and I paid the highest price among all the accommodations on this trip.)

Pros – Beautiful room, terrace so you can enjoy the view in the morning
You can lounge around, the female manager who checked you in was really friendly, close to the mountain train, and the hotel’s private lake is great for swimming, reading books, and relaxing.
There is an elevator, a refrigerator, and as it is an expensive hotel, the room is full of services (capsule coffee, various teas, jam, honey, etc.)

Disadvantage – The attitude of the staff that makes all of these advantages unpleasant (is it racism..?) The post below is copied from the review I wrote myself!
[This review is written in anger before checking out.
Koreans, please read my review when you make a reservation here!!!!
Hotel location, room condition, really friendly reception manager, great scenery that makes you feel like you’re in Europe!!!
Except for the manager, I continued to feel the unfriendliness of the rest of the staff.
It’s an unfriendliness that I’ve never felt anywhere else, to the point where I wonder if this is racism.
The female staff member who worked until closing time on July 7th at the hotel’s private lake seemed to be ignoring us from the look on her face. Even when we went to return the drinks we had finished and when we went to pay, even though she was not doing anything, she quietly did something else for about a minute. and left us standing.
I was angry and muttered to myself, “I’m not being rude,” and as he passed by, he must have realized that it was a bad nuance, so he came separately and asked if I needed anything haha. And the next morning, for breakfast, the view was so fantastic that all my bad feelings were forgotten.
But again, the staff was unfriendly.
I ordered coffee, an omelet, bacon, and sausage, but they didn’t come out even after 15 minutes. I called them again and asked, and they said they were coming out now.
And they give you an omelet with bacon and coffee as you like.
I definitely ordered them all separately??
They didn’t even want the sausages to come out… So I called them back and said, “We ordered sausages, but they didn’t come out. But I’m already full. You don’t have to give them to me.” and went up to the room.
In short, the facilities are 4 star, but the staff service is worse than the inn]

3. Vienna, Austria – Fleming’s Selection Hotel Vienna City (5 nights)


Pros – It is large and has a hotel-like feel.
The facilities are good, friendly, and the room size is appropriate.
It’s nice that the shower room and toilet are separated.
Although it is outside the ring, there are good tram and bus routes, so it is not inconvenient to go anywhere.
Breakfast is great, but it’s the same every day and there aren’t enough options, so I get bored in the second half.

Disadvantage – As you can see in the picture, the shower room is transparent.
I thought there would be curtains or screens, but there aren’t any.. Even if you go as a couple, it would be a bit difficult if you go in and out. Striptease is possible!

For now, I’m done reviewing the hotel. If anything else comes to mind, I’ll add it in the comments!

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