This is a review of hotels in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, and Prague.

I love Wandering Cafe~
The information was very helpful because you commented faster than any other travel cafe.
This time, I went to a course that no one else did, so it’s a bit of a mess.

-Cappadocia- Stayed 3 nights in Adanos Konuk Evi

It is a small village about 15 minutes away from Goreme.
I went to Goreme when I was on tour, and it was really crowded and noisy. It’s a quiet hotel where you can stay with a local feel if you stay for more than two nights.
When taking a walk around the neighborhood, it’s really pretty and quiet, especially the flock of ducks by the river.
It’s an old place, so it’s worn out, but it’s well heated and hot water is flowing.
You can see the balloons rising in the morning.
I really recommend it for the price.
I liked how quiet it was since they picked me up when I made a tour reservation.

-Antalya-La Paloma Hotel (2 nights in La Paloma)
It is located in the center of the old town.
The price is reasonable and the staff is very friendly. Breakfast is also good value for money.
However, there is no refrigerator or basic bottled water in the room, so the price is reasonable.

-Istanbul Henna Istanbul Hotel.. 4 nights
It was definitely recommended.
The room, location, breakfast, cleanliness and especially the rooftop view are amazing. The Blue Mosque is visible at a glance.
The sunrise over the Bosphorus Sea is also beautiful.
The owner is beyond friendly. The staff is very friendly and the breakfast is also very delicious.
You can cover all of the old town on foot.
The tram is also 2 minutes away. I really recommend it.

– 2 nights at Leonardo in Prague
This hotel seems to be very popular, especially among Koreans.
Friendly, delicious breakfast and good location
On the other hand, once you step through the door, it’s very crowded. The room is small. We spread out our suitcases one by one in turns.
It almost seems Korean during breakfast time.

-3 nights
stay at
Pytloun Kampa Garden Hotel Prague
This is a hotel I would highly recommend.
When you almost cross Charles Bridge, there are stairs going down to the left.
Local supermarket around Charles Bridge in the old town, morning and evening walk.
It’s so beautiful
If Leonardo. is in the middle of a busy city, this is a quiet area where you can take a step back.
The breakfast was good. It was the best breakfast of any place I stayed in Prague. The price was reasonable.
It’s 3 minutes away from Charles Bridge, but if you’re touring Prague and your meeting is at Wenceslas Square, it’s a bit of a walk.
This is a highly recommended hotel. The surroundings are so beautiful~
If you’re staying for one night, I think the old town would be better.

That’s it~ I don’t like moving around, so I’ll just stay overnight for the most part.

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