Reviews of the cross hotel in rome, italy

It was about a 25-minute walk from Termini Station.
If you take bus 649, you can get off at the hotel, a 1-minute walk away, and if you take Metro Line A at Manzoni Station or bus 51, it will take 5 to 10 minutes on foot.

There is no lift at Manzoni Station, so it is not recommended if you are carrying luggage.

The hotel is divided into 4 buildings, and after checking in at the reception building at the entrance, you will be informed of your room type.
I used a single room and it had a single bed, a bathroom with a shower booth, a closet, and a desk.
There is a stool without a back instead of a chair, and there is plenty of space.
There is an Italian bidet next to the toilet in the bathroom, but I don’t know how to use it, so I’ve never used it.
There is a half-body mirror and the temperature control is easy to operate.
I stayed for 4 nights and it was very nice because it was clean every time I went out.
The staff are all friendly and nice.
However, in the case of the single room I stayed in, the window was very small. It was about a span and a half wide.
There was no minibar, so it was difficult to store drinks if you bought them.
And there was no coffee pot or anything to make simple tea.
I don’t drink coffee or tea at the hotel, but it’s a shame there’s no teaspoon.
There were many other hotels and other lodging facilities throughout the block where the hotel was located, so it didn’t feel too dangerous when I went out in the evening.
The cleaning and room size were good, but it was disappointing that it was a bit far from the tourist attractions. It’s not far, but it’s an awkward distance to walk after the tour.

The downside is >>soundproofing<< it’s really not good.
If you talk in the next room, you can hear it…
It really sounds like it is… I can even hear the snorting sound…
I’m not sensitive to sound, so I thought it was just that, but since it’s an accommodation facility, I was embarrassed to hear embarrassing sounds. If you’re taking your parents with you, you should think about it.

I’m not sure about breakfast because I’ve never eaten it. They say it’s available downstairs from the cross garden behind the reception building in Building 1.

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