Rome travel review (+South)

Day 1Arrival at Rome Airport at 6pmTake the Leonardo Express and arrive at Termini Station in 30 minutes.

I dragged a heavy suitcase to my accommodation to learn geography.

It was so hard hahaWhen I arrived and cleaned up, it was 10 o’clock so I decided to have a quick dinner.

I went to the Hard Rock Cafe, ate shrimp and cola and came back.

The staff is so friendly, friendly and energetic.

​The accommodation is Casa per Ferie I Cappuccini near Barberini station.

This is a single room.

So good.

It’s for one person, but it’s big enough, clean, and has a real Roman feel.

It’s a renovated monastery accommodation, so it feels old-fashioned and I feel like I’ve immersed myself in it.

The bathroom is clean and the surrounding atmosphere is nice!.

​Day 2 Book a Vatican tour and meet in front of OTTAVIANO Station at 6:30 am.

The guide said we could wait for over 4 hours because there were too many people today, but I went in at 9:30 🙂 I got in sooner than I thought, and I didn’t notice the time passing as they explained the creation of heaven and earth and the final judgment.

It was so much fun.

And it was cold in the early morning, so everyone wearing short sleeves was shivering.

Be sure to bring a coat and bring a piece of paper to sit on the floor as your legs will hurt if you wait for a long time.

​After the tour, I thought it would be difficult to come back to the Vatican due to the schedule, so I went to the Old Bridge and ate gelato, and it was very soft and delicious haha.

However, I had to go around the Vatican exit to the Old Bridge, go up, and then come back down, so it was a bit difficult in the hot sun😅 Parasol or hat is required.

On the way back to the accommodation, I saw Seongcheonsa Castle and the Pantheon.

I saw people, I saw people, I saw people.

:)I didn’t see any pickpockets, but there were so many people.

I don’t think it would be strange if anything happened.

Always take care of your belongings!​And there are places where water comes out in the middle of the ruins, and people drink it from plastic bottles, just like mineral springs in Korea.

We also drank it well.

If you carry a small plastic bottle of water, you can find plenty of water everywhere.

If you feel uncomfortable, buy water for 1 euro at a place like Conad or a mini market!​I also went to ZARA in Rome and it was really big and had a lot of clothes.

There aren’t many men’s clothes, but there are a lot of women’s clothes.

You can’t stop shopping 🤣 There are a lot of pretty clothes.

They have everything for spring, summer, fall and winter, so if you feel like you don’t have enough clothes or need to buy a coat or short sleeves, go to Zara.

​For lunch, we went to Saltimbocca in Piazza Navona.

I heard that seafood is delicious, so I ordered one vongole and one pesto gnocchi.

The pasta definitely felt less cooked than the noodles I used to eat in Korea.

After eating it, I got used to it.

It was delicious.

The gnocchi is also made with a lot of basil pesto and has a fresh taste.

but!It’s the same at other restaurants, but order only one flour dish and order beef or octopus for the other menu items.

I feel like I’m eating too much flour.

Bitten ㅠ.

Dinner is at Oratorio Bistrot near Republica Station.

The owner is very friendly and the food is delicious.

I ran out of beef so I ate chicken, but the potatoes that came with it were very delicious.

Carbonara is really different from Korea.

Rich taste of salty parmesan + addictive.

It was my first time having an Aperol spritz and I gave up after two sips.

If you go here, please note that there is also a rooftop table.

I ate it all and figured it out lol.

​Day 3 Southern TourGather in front of Termini Station at 7 am!I chose a tour that took a high-speed train.

After the southern tour, it felt real that I was in Italy.

I’ve seen so many scenes that I can’t even put it into words.

I’m moved to tears.

아말피, 포지타노, 소렌토 다녀왔고 옷 예쁘게 입으시면 더 좋을 것 같아요! 사진 진짜 잘 나옵니다.

투어든 개인으로 가시든 여유가 되신다면 해변 수영은 꼭 해보세요! 타월이랑 수영복만 준비해서 오시면 훨씬 수월해요! 유료 샤워 아주 짧게해서 염분빼고 다시 돌아다니시면 됩니다.

남부 가시면 피자는 꼭 드시고 오시고요!레몬 셔벗도 꼭 드세요! 생각보다 양이 많은데 상큼 부드럽 JMT기념품은 진짜 너무 많아서 가보시면 눈 휘둥그레하실거에요.

거의 레몬 기념품이라서 아기자기하고 너무 예뻐서 겨우 골라왔어요 ㅎㅎ.


Nuovo Mercato Esquilino 현지 시장을 가보고 싶어서 다녀왔는데 관광객 입장에서 살 건 거의 없지만 활기넘치고 이국적인 시장이에요.

(이탈리아 입장에서도 이국적)Fassi 젤라또가 근처여서 갔는데 11 시에 도착했더니 12시에 문디을 열더라고요 하하 빠른 포기하고점심으로는 중식 먹었습니다.

볶음밥, 우육면, 교자 맛있게 먹었습니다.

Restaurant Chinese Huaweiju메뉴가 엄청 많아요!.

그리고 너무 다리가 아파서 콜로세움까지 지하철 B라인타고 가서 사진 엄청 찍고 다시 버스타고 지올리띠 젤라또 먹으러 갔습니다.

뭣도 모르고 미디움 시켰다가 양 너무 많아서 혼났어요 ㅋㅋ 세가지 맛인데 엄청 듬뿍 담아주셔요.

스몰도 충분할듯합니다:) 리조맛 정말 맛있어요.

​트레비분수 정말 사람이 많지만 분위기 너무 좋더라고요옆에서 프로포즈하고 난리 ㅠ낭만적이고 영화의 한 장면 그 자체에요​여기서 부터 팔찌단과 장미아저씨가 많네요아주 빠른 걸음으로 수슉 수슝 지나가시면 됩니다물론 손은 가방에 올리시고!.

그리고 일몰보러 핀초언덕 갑니다.

4시 정도에 가서 아직 해 높이 떠 있는 모습 구경하고보르게세 공원 쪽 들어오시면 벤치도 많고 나무도 많아서 시원하게 쉬실 수 있어요:)저희는 공원 내Tempio di Esculapio 가서 보트도 탔습니다.

성인 기준 1명 당 4유로 20분너무 좋아요​다섯시 정도에 핀초언덕 다시 가셔서 자리잡고 일몰 구경하면 장난 아닙니다.

버스킹 아저씨가 노래도 불러주시는데 로마가 왜 낭만의 도시인지 비로소 알게 되었어요.

로맨틱 로마 ❤️노을 배경으로 웨딩스냅 찍으시는 분들도 있고여기서도… 프로포즈를 하시더라고요 ^^여튼 너무 예뻤습니다.

저녁으로는 dilla 가서 구글 추천에 떠있던 문어와 라자냐먹었어요.

라자냐는 모르겠고 문어가 맛있네요너무 친절하시고 야외테이블 너무 좋았어요.

언제든지 다시 방문해달라고 하시네요ㅎㅎ.

​디저트로 뽐빠가서 피스타치오 티라미수 사서 숙소왔습니다.

두입 먹고 너무 달아서 스탑그 김에 후기를 써봤습니다.

​내일이면 로마를 떠나 피렌체로 갑니다.

​또ㅠ올게 로마야!​​​.