Paris 10th arrondissement Grand Hôtel de Paris

With my trip not far away, I quickly booked this hotel in the 10th district on Agoda because it was cheap after considering the location, facilities, and price!​
If I go to Paris again, I will never stay in the 10th arrondissement ^^ (I stop because I want to walk around the tourist attractions.)

​It says it can accommodate 3 people, but in reality, there is an elevator for 1 person and a spiral staircase haha.
​If you fit luggage and one person in, it will be crowded haha.

​I was surprised that the room was relatively clean.
And the room had a window on one side, so it was bright and open, which was nice.
Even the bathroom has a window!

​The view from the accommodation!

✔️Location: Located at Dong Station, transportation is good.
It is far from tourist attractions.
Still right nearby
Good because it’s close to McDonald’s and franprix

✔️Reception: Staff is available 24 hours a day, so it is convenient.
Because I leave my keys at the front desk when I leave.
It’s good because you don’t have to go out and take your keys with you.

✔️Breakfast: I haven’t tried it, but you can apply.
cereal bread
I think there is

✔️Hotel security: I left my room in a mess, but the staff took my blanket.
Even the clothes scattered on the bed were changed.
Please fold it ㅠㅠ
(Of course, I left my wallet and passport hidden away from view)

✔️Location security: Since it is near Dong Station, what can I say, they are not French locals but refugees?
There are quite a few people like that.
It’s especially scary at night, so much so that there’s even a guard at the McDonald’s near the accommodation.
I went there a few times at night, and I was scared of getting shot. People would stand there and stare at me with unfocused eyes, and when I went into the chicken restaurant, black people would give off a gang-like atmosphere. Anyway, I felt a sense of crisis that I couldn’t express in words. People were getting arrested by the police. I saw it.
But it’s okay during the day!

✔️Soundproofing: Not very good.

✔️Amenities: 2 soaps, towels, dryer available

✔️Heating: There was a radiator on the wall, but I didn’t know how to use it.
Couldn’t use it. It was a bit cold.

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