[Rome] This is a review of Rome Hotel Colonna Palace

I am writing this because I would like to recommend Colonna Palace Hotel, where I stayed for 6 days and 5 nights.

Accommodation Photos
Looking at the photos provided by the hotel, it looks quite old, but the room we stayed in was not like that at all. (Or maybe the room we stayed in was like that, I don’t know.) I stayed in a double room, and the size of the room was such that it was very easy to spread out two suitcases. It wasn’t narrow. Accommodation name:
Colonna Palace

Number of stays:
5 nights and 6 days (October 31 – November 5)

Location (How to get there):
1. Piazza di Monte Citorio, 12, 00186 Roma RM,
It is located between Spagna Station and Barberini Station on Line A (about a 15-minute walk from both stations).
3. It is recommended if you travel around the city a lot as it is located between tourist attractions such as the Pantheon (3-minute walk), Plaza de España (15-minute walk), Piazza Navona (10-minute walk), Tazza d’Oro Coffee and Giolitti (5-minute walk), etc. .
The train station to the Vatican is also on Line A, so it was good to travel early in the morning.
It took 20 minutes to walk to the Vatican, see Castel Sant’Angelo, and walk to the hotel. (Sant’Angelo-Hotel: 20 minutes)

I made a reservation a month before staying, so it was about 270,000 won per night.
If you book a little earlier, the price goes down to 150,000 won.

Meals and cooking:
Breakfast is available.
Bread, ham, sweet bread, various cheeses, scrambled eggs, various drinks, etc. weren’t bad.
(I enjoyed it a lot.) If you eat breakfast at an outdoor table, ask the staff for coffee and milk and they will bring it to you.

Bathroom (shower) availability:
Amenities were varied.
There was no toothbrush or toothpaste, but shampoo, body wash, shower cap, cotton swabs, shower sponge?
etc. were there.
The water pressure was good, so there was no problem with the water not running out.
The shower was also refreshing.

I don’t know because I’ve never used a computer.. haha;;

Facilities and cleanliness:
It was clean and nice.
The bedding was clean, and there was no smell coming from the bathroom.
You don’t have to worry about cleanliness.

Internal rule:

Staff friendliness:
1. We also provide a service to carry your luggage to your room.
2. They are friendly not only at the reception but overall.
I had a problem with Agoda (they booked the wrong room), but the reception explained the situation well, so I was able to resolve it.

Surrounding environment:
1. Hotel
There is a bar and cafe on the first floor.
I haven’t used it, but there were a lot of customers.
There is a breakfast restaurant on the 7th floor.
The outdoor view is really pretty. (You can see the Cathedral of Chantinaccio right away.) Even at night, if you go up and look at the sky, you can see stars.
The surroundings are bright so you can’t see much…ㅠ
The elevator is narrow.
One suitcase… will it be full if 3 items fit in it?
And the door opens really slowly.
There is a drop-off service to the airport (65 euros for 1-3 packs of luggage, 75 euros for a card).
Like all European hotels, there are no insect screens.

2. Surroundings
I feel reassured because the police are in front of me.. haha..
Since it is a tourist destination, there are many things to eat and see nearby.
Plus, there’s a supermarket nearby (3 minutes walk), so it’s a good place to buy something for dinner.

1. It is between tourist attractions and right in front of the Montecitorio Palace, so it is safe as there are always police officers.
Also, there were always lots of people around, so I never felt like it was unsafe or unsafe.
2. More than anything, I liked how clean it was.
I had a few inconveniences while using various European accommodations, but I felt very good after using this one.

disadvantage :
1. If you have a schedule that requires you to travel through Termini to a nearby area, it may be inconvenient.
I have to walk 15 minutes to the station every day.
2. It can be confusing on the way to your room.
It was a bit like a maze inside.
Also, there are short stairs (about half a floor), so it may be cumbersome to carry your suitcase down.
3. The room I stayed in had an extra door between the bathroom and the bed.
I always left it open and used it, but it was taking up space, which was a bit annoying.

Who would like this accommodation?
It was a great place to stay with friends and lovers.
I want to stay here next time I come with my family.

How would you rate it?

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