I was worried a lot about pickpockets and racial discrimination… (just a lot of posts)


​8 nights and 10 days itineraryA couple in their 40s (I only speak their native language)I’m on my way homeThe fun and difficult journey is coming to an end.

​Before I went,I was worried about pickpockets and racism.


Pickpocket Dandi preparedBracelet group, girl group, stealing attention, shaking things off, etc.

I saw it a lot on wanderings.

​I was scared so I put a lock on it and bought a packsafe bag.

Is this because they installed a triple lock and prevented it from being targeted?​Just look at it and you’re a trampSomeone who looks my husband up and downA young girl gypsy who openly asks for money- I didn’t give it to them, but they stole it in front of my wife and I (culture shock).

A Western couple caught by a bracelet​I saw it in passing, but I didn’t get hit.

Famous tourist attractions, train stations, etc.

There were police officers stationed with guns and whistles in their mouths.

The security wasn’t as bad as I thought, but​There are pickpocketsIf you stay focused, you can be defeated!You can be targetedEven though I was oblivious and dull, I could still see it.

I saw a lot of looks like they were looking for prey all over the subway.

The probability of getting hit is low, but if I get hit, it’s 100%​2.

Racial discrimination.

I think it depends on the host and guest.

The Italian men were very friendly.

On the first day, I was checked in by an old gentleman at the hotel.

Because it’s obvious that I don’t speak EnglishThe breakfast service was also explained slowly.

​Any shopIf I say hello first, you respond with a smile.

If you keep looking at the server while waiting, they will come and respond.

(I didn’t gesture for you to come quickly and I didn’t call you by saying, “Here!!”)I have to store my bag at the museum.

Even if I act foolishly, he kindly informs me andThe security guard also winked.

​While you are thereTo ItaliansHow many times have I heard “thank you” in Korean?I received a few winks too.

I can’t speak English, so I only memorized Bongiorno.

​I think racial discrimination also depends on the guest.

– Of course, there are definitely some rude hosts.

Quickly delete that x from my memory so as not to ruin my trip​* Husband saysThere was no Italian woman winking at me.

​to sum up1.

There are pickpockets.

Let’s be careful and don’t get ripped off.


Racism, depends on guestLet’s just filter out hosts who have trash personalities.

​- Tips ;If you are a couple or a loverLadies please order and say hello.

Kindness definitely comes back​Sorry to the Korean men.

Italian women.

I don’t wink ​I hope overtourism will decrease from November onwards.

the italian sun is hotgrilled on the grillI’m coming back charred.