Rome, Italy / Best Western Hotel Royal Santina

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Accommodation name:
Best Western Hotel Royal Santina
Number of days stayed:
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2023.12.09 – 2023.12.10 (1 night)
Location (How to get there):
5 minutes walk from Termini Station
200,000 won (twin room, city tax excluded (approximately 17,000 won)
Meals and cooking:
Availability of bathroom (shower room):
Separate toilet/shower room, good water pressure
Facilities and cleanliness:
Clean, a bit narrow so you can open two suitcases at the same time, but it feels tight.
There is carbonated water and Fanta in the refrigerator.
Internal rules:
Receive a card upon check-in (it does not have to be a card paid in advance). City tax is excluded with a card registered after check-out.
Friendliness of the staff:
Very friendly, if you ask, they will bring your suitcase to your room.
Surrounding environment:
Quiet, relatively close to the station, but a few people pass by, and there is a restaurant nearby, just a block away, so it’s worth walking around.
Location close to the station
Small, business hotel feel
Who would like this accommodation?
Individual travelers, travelers with friends, people staying for one night (We also chose to arrive in Rome in the evening and go to Florence early the next morning / Afterwards, if we stay in Rome for a long time, we use other places) People who are older or have a spacious room Recommend if you want a side
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