Rome Hotel Nazionale

After comparing it to the Hotel Colosseum, I decided on the Nazionale and am staying there for one night.

The location is 5 minutes from the Pantheon.
I chose this place because I heard that it is very safe as there is a council right next to it, but traffic is restricted at the plaza near the hotel to check for council events.
I don’t know what’s going on, but the broadcasting station is there, and when I come to the hotel and ask, they say it’s no big deal.
I feel reassured because I see the police often, but the soundproofing isn’t great.
Even with the windows closed, the noise from the street continues into the night.

The price is not cheap.
From the beginning, only 4 stars were considered.
However, since we are a couple in their 50s traveling, we need to be careful about sleeping comfortably both physically and mentally, so we are satisfied with it.
I wish I could post a picture, but after sleeping for one night, the room feels empty… The bed is high-sealing and has a king bed, so it’s comfortable.Image

The hotel is old style.Image

There is a sofa so there is some space.Image

The curtains are impressive.Image

The bathroom is narrow and long.
There is a bathtub.

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