[European Hotel Review] Spain_Madrid_B&B Hotel Madrid Puerta del Sol

There are various B&B hotels in Madrid.
Among them,
I would like to review B&B Hotel Madrid centro puerta del SOL

There were more things I wanted to do in Madrid than I thought, so I stayed there for a long time.

1. Inside the accommodation
– It was a motel-like accommodation called a hotel.
– There was a toilet, sink, and shower booth right next to the bed.
Whether it was the smell coming from that place or not, it was truly the worst evil.
(In the second photo, the toilet is on the left, the shower booth is on the right)
I put the shampoo in the sink and went to sleep.
(But it stopped coming out after the second day..? I guess I got used to it quickly haha)
– I was assigned to room 311.
The outlets on both sides of the bed were broken, so I had to charge it at the TV.
– Even though I turned on the water in the shower booth and didn’t shower, the water leaked out.
The boundary between the sink and the bedroom was already vague, so I had to worry about taking a shower, which was inconvenient.
– There were towels sealed with a sticker in the closet so that you could take out additional towels only when needed.
Shouldn’t we set up 2 basic shower towels for 2 people and 2 basic towels?
Only 1 shower towel and 1 basic towel were taken out.
Tear that thing down.. We were a couple who were worried.
– Feature: No slippers
There is a refrigerator
No toothbrush or toothpaste
Even if I open the window, there is a wall.
Can’t see outside
There are shampoo/body wash all in one products and treatments here! 2. Outside the accommodation
– Again, there are so many advantages to talking about it externally.
– Advantage 1)
There are 24 Carrefour Express within 2 minutes.
– Advantage 2
) It is located in the very, very, very, very, very central center.
For example, it is located right in the center of Myeongdong Street in Seoul.
– Advantage 3)
It is very close to the subway, so it is very convenient to move around.
– Advantage 4)
) It may be said that it is outside, but the shared kitchen located on the first basement floor is perfect.
Free disposable spoons, chopsticks, forks, as well as apple juice, pineapple juice, coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies 😎
It’s not called breakfast, but there’s fresh bread every morning, and it’s different every day.
It was delicious…? LOL
– Advantage 5)
There is a machine on the first floor that measures the weight of suitcases, although it costs 1 euro.
We were leaving for Madrid, so we went shopping.
I packed it all up in my suitcase.Image

Well…you can say this accommodation is good…or you can say it’s bad…it was an accommodation that made me go back and forth between cold and hot baths.
After using it, I found that there were quite a few advantages haha. It’s up to each traveler to decide.
Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice trip to Spain!!!

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