Review of accommodations in London and Paris for a family of 4 (Tower Suites by Blue Orchid, Citadines Real)

I went to London and Paris in late July/early August for a total of 8 nights and 10 days.
I received a lot of help from Yurang, so I am also posting a review.
I’ll upload the accommodation section first.

We are a family of four, including a brother in the first year of middle school and a fourth grader in elementary school.
5 nights at Tower Suites by Blue Orchid in London,
I stayed at Citadines Real in Paris for 3 nights.

1. London Tower Suites by Blue OrchidImage


– Approximately 2.5 million won for 5 nights without breakfast
– I made a reservation 3-4 months in advance through Agoda, but I made a reservation.
The price went down a bit, so I re-booked twice.
(Sometimes, it’s not always cheap just because you do it early.)
– I wanted to go to Citadines, but the price was too high when I made the reservation.
It was expensive, almost 200,000 won per night, so I gave up.
– Facilities: I liked the wooden floor.
A family of four with one double bed and one sofa bed.
The standard was good.
My family doesn’t like soft beds.
It was very comfortable for our standards.
I used the dishwasher every day and asked for the detergent to run out.
They took good care of me and cleaned it every day so I went out.
When you come in, you feel comfortable because the room and bathroom are tidy.
It was good
I used the washing machine once and it even has a drying function.
It smells too much like detergent so I don’t recommend turning it over.
Maybe it’s just our room.
I think it would be better to just hand wash your underwear, socks, etc. every day.
The period of my stay is from July 26th to August 1st.
It was so cool that I couldn’t even turn on the air conditioner.

– Tableware: There is no frying pan, but there are about two pots.
One is too big so I use about one every day.
I made bibigo soup and ate it for breakfast.
It was disappointing that there was no frying pan, and the dishes were for a family of four.
It was okay.
Grilling meat seems difficult, but it’s simple.
It’s good to cook and eat
When we had three Korean men, I brought bibigo and side dishes, etc.
It was okay to come and use it.
We brought our chopsticks from home and we took good care of them.
I wanted to

-Transportation: It was right in front of Tower Hill Station, so it was easy to get around.
It was quick as it was 7 courses by subway from Westminster Station.
Of course, there is no comparison because Citadines is in a bad location.
We went around without knowing much about the inconvenience.
If you walk to Tower Bridge, you can see the night view in about 5 minutes.
It was nice and there were a lot of tourists who came to see the night view until late.
I didn’t think the area around the hotel was dangerous.
I walked to the Tower of London and Sky Garden.
Accommodation along the Thames River while visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral
I came all the way, but it was worth the walk because it had a bit of charm.

– Staff friendliness: All the staff here were friendly.
The induction didn’t work well on the first day, so I started talking early in the morning.
I told the staff to come and check it right away.
If I run out of something, they bring it back to me.
They said there were no slippers on the first day (there are no slippers on the blog)
There was an article I saw asking you to bring, so I sent you a separate email.
I asked and they said they had slippers^^)
They immediately brought me 4 slippers and gave me new ones on the third day.
I replaced it myself.
Although it seems a bit narrow compared to a 5-star rating,
Considering it’s a European hotel, it seemed okay, but the view wasn’t that great.
The window was slightly open to provide ventilation.
We had a comfortable stay as a family of four.
I had breakfast on the last day to commemorate the day.
There was little variety, but it was delicious.Image

Oh, and this hotel requires a deposit of 100 pounds upon check-in.
I need to pay

2. Paris Citadines RealImage






There are a lot of reviews here, so I’ll keep it brief~~
Rather, it was more convenient to cook here.
They didn’t clean it, but it was okay for a 3-night stay.
It was a little over 1 million won for 3 nights (reservation was made in November last year)
I did it at a public homepage, and it was cheaper if I paid for it myself.
It was unclear whether I would be able to go on a trip, so I decided to go to bed.)
800 meters walk to the Louvre Museum, good location
When going to the airport, I could ride right in front of Rer B and get there in one ride, so it was very convenient on the day of going to the airport.
Before I went, I was worried because the reviews were somewhat divided.
On the first day, I checked in at 3 o’clock, but I was satisfied with everything except that the cleaning was late and I checked in at 4:30. (My family’s style is good. If it’s not too inconvenient, we don’t complain, so please take that into account^^)
I was a little worried about the sofa bed, but it was comfortable (I don’t like soft things).

And the view is also bad
I didn’t ^^Image

Thank you for reading the above review~

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