Flemings Hotel Frankfurt-Central

Accommodation photos
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Inside, twin doubleImage

Accommodation name:
FLEMINGS Express Hotel Frankfurt
Number of stays:
4 nights, 0808-0812
Location (How to get there):
Get off the train at Frankfurt Central Station, go out the McDonald’s door and walk for 1-2 minutes.
90,000 won per night without breakfast, but breakfast was purchased.
Considering the cost of breakfast, I think it was about 110,000 won.
Meals and cooking:
Breakfast served every day!
Don’t expect an Asian breakfast.
Jamon, jambon, various breads, yogurt, and abundant fruits were all good.
Vegan products available.
There are a variety of breads, the pies are really delicious, but I think they run out early lol There are also a variety of other snacks and cereals!
It was okay.
I guess cooking is not possible?!
Whether there is a bathroom (shower room):
Since it is a hotel, it is in the room!
None in the room, Wi-Fi available, no printing requests.
Facilities and cleanliness:
It was clean and everything was good.
Hot water comes out well.
There is an electric pot.
Amenities shampoo and body wash were provided.
Slippers not provided.
Internal rules:
Self check-in possible.
Staff friendliness:
Very friendly!
I had a hard time at first because my card didn’t work, but they waited patiently and helped me.
Surrounding environment:
I think this is the part you’re most curious about.
You must be worried about the security near Jungang Station because there are a lot of vagabonds and drug addicts.
If you don’t have to find a hotel at Jungang Station, you don’t have to come here.
If you’re scared or just want to relax, I definitely recommend staying near the central station.
But if I had to find a hotel near Central Station, I would come back here again.
I was satisfied with all facilities and services.
I had a first floor room, but it can be a bit noisy at night.
Vagrants drink, play, and make noise nearby late at night… You can hear noises from the first floor.
It was annoying on the first day, but on the second day, I fell asleep right away because I was tired from traveling. If you are sensitive to sound, don’t sit near the central station at all.
You will hear some club brothel singing, and sirens often sound.
Everything was good except for the noise, but I gradually got used to the noise.
For four days, some days were quiet and some days were noisy.
I went into the hotel before it got dark.
Arrive at your accommodation at least before 8:30!
(Sunset at 9pm these days)
For reference, there is another hotel right next door, and in that hotel, if a person is smoking in front of the front door, lying down in a bad condition, or behaving in an inconvenient manner, they will kick them out or manage them.
The hotel seemed to be of a higher class than Fleming’s Hotel, and I think that’s why the area near the door was managed.
Location, transportation!
I booked this hotel to use Frankfurt as a base to go to Cologne, Bonn, and Heidelberg, and it was really comfortable.
Frankfurt Central Station was my home. Haha. When I arrived at the station, I felt like I was home… It was easy to get around in the morning and come to the accommodation!
I think the location is half the point of my trip!
When I returned from a trip to another city, I was able to save up a lot of energy since I was staying at the hotel right away.
Since I didn’t have to take buses or trams, I didn’t have to pay any small transportation costs.
If you’re looking for good restaurants, the area near Jungang Station isn’t great, but it’s great for walking around!
As mentioned before, noise!
Who would like this accommodation?
For those of you who, like me, live in several places starting from Jungang Station!
How would you rate it?

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