Review of accommodation for 4 people in Switzerland

Covers Lucerne, Interlaken, and Bern.
This is an article about a lodging where 4 people of the same sex stayed.

Accommodation name: Barabas
Average price per person per night: 40,000 won (1 room for 4 people)
Stayed for: 2 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Accommodation location: 5
Located in the heart of the old city, a tour of Lucerne takes less than half a day on foot.
It is easily accessible on foot from the central station, and it is more convenient to take the bus.
You will need to walk for a few minutes.
Room: 3.5
There are two bunk beds.
The bed itself is okay.
The room is narrow.
It is impossible to unfold the suitcase, but you can unfold it under the bed.
Water was leaking a little through the crack in the bathroom shower door, so I built a barrier with towels.
As is typical in Swiss accommodations, there was no air conditioning, so I almost died on a hot night.
If you leave the window open, it becomes a bug party.
There is a broken fan, but it is quite cool.
When it was hot, it was a bit cool because they kept it open for 30 minutes.
Services: 5
The staff is friendly and check-in and out are quick.
We provide free popcorn.
Total: 4.5
Incredible value for money and great location overshadow the rest of the shortcomings.
However, it may be uncomfortable to stay for a long time.

Others: There is a Japanese restaurant called Izakaya Nozomi on the first floor, and it is delicious and expensive.

Accommodation name: Chalet Cecile
Average price per person per night: 120,000 won
Stayed for: 4 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Location: 4.5
It takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from Dong Station.
There is a bus, but the interval between buses is a bit inconvenient.
There’s a Coupe 2 minutes away and a bakery right in front, so it’s convenient to have breakfast.
Room: 5
There are three rooms, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom.
There are two double beds and one single bed.
Lucerne. I didn’t shed tears of emotion when I came here, but I was impressed.
It has a variety of facilities and the bedding is comfortable.
However, there is no drain in the bathroom, so you need to be careful when showering.
Services: 5
Since it’s Airbnb, there’s nothing to call it service, but the host is good.
Check-in is easy and communication is good.
Total: 5

Others: There is a laundromat right nearby, but reviews are somewhat mixed.
I went a little farther away.

Accommodation name: Akomo Bern
Average price per person per night: 125,000 won
Stayed for: 1 night

Rating (out of 5)
Location: 4.5
Because it is close to the central station, it is inconvenient to take public transportation, so you have to walk a bit.
Instead, you can easily walk anywhere in Bern’s old town, and there are many restaurants, supermarkets, and attractions nearby.
Room: Spacious and neat.
There are no major flaws.
There is no dishwasher, so washing dishes is a bit inconvenient.
Services: 5
The best host who even finds things you left behind and even provides late check-out.
Total: 4.5
The cost-effectiveness is a bit low.
If I was going to stay for a long time, I think I would have chosen a cheaper place even if it was a bit further away.
However, it is great for a one-day stay.

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