Accommodation reviews for college student group trips

Frankfurt Berlin – 6 people

Prague Vienna Budapest Salzburg – 8 people //

Lucerne Interlaken Bern Frankfurt Dubai – 4 people

While preparing for a mixed trip with a small group of friends and not a family, I had a bit of a hard time because the accommodation reviews weren’t as good as I expected for such a trip.

I will write this in the hope that it will be helpful to those who are planning a reckless group trip like me.

Accommodation selection criteria – Proximity to the city center.
We wanted to sacrifice some of the comfort of the accommodation and lower the financial burden.
In other words, it may be ambiguous for family trips or trips with parents.

Accommodation name: Intercity Hotel Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof
Average price per person per night: approximately 70,000 won (3 double rooms)
Stayed for: 2 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Accommodation location: 5
If you come into Frankfurt Airport, you can take the subway right away, and if you come into Central Station, it’s a 2-minute walk, making it incredibly accessible.
You can explore most of the city on foot, and security was better than expected.
I think it was much better than Paris and Rome.
However, this may have been because we went as a group at night, and my friend who joined us alone said that he was very scared when he passed by this area alone at night.
Room: 5
There is enough space to spread out luggage on the double bed and the bathroom is good.
The design on the wall is a map of Frankfurt and is neat and pretty.
Services: 5
I’m not sure about the housekeeping since I wasn’t there long, but the reception was friendly and check-in was smooth.
Total: 5
It is a cost-effective and clean accommodation.
However, if you are sensitive to such issues due to the issue of being next to the station, you may be a little concerned.

etc: –

Accommodation name: Mercure Hotel Berlin Wittenbergplatz
Average price per person per night: approximately 70,000 won (3 double rooms)
Stayed for: 4 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Accommodation location: 5
It is located in the southwest neighborhood of Tiergarten and is well served by subway and buses.
If you take a leisurely stroll to the Brandenburg Gate, you can get there in an hour or two.
It is a very safe place with many good restaurants nearby and the Waldorf Astoria Berlin nearby.
There is a large supermarket (Spar) across the square.
Room: 5
It feels similar to the Frankfurt hotel above.
It’s a good place with no flaws.
Services: 5
The reception staff are very friendly.
I remember it was Marina, and even when I lost my card, she happily reissued it.
Housekeeping is good.
Total: 5
It’s a fairly decent accommodation that doesn’t lag behind in any way.

Other: The room design is a bit unique.
It’s not that it’s unpleasant or anything, but it’s a bit strange to see a picture of a certain woman plastered on the front door of every room.

Accommodation name: Three Golden Crowns Apartments
Average price per person per night: approximately 50,000 won (2 4-person rooms)
Stayed for: 4 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Accommodation location: 5
It’s close to perfect.
If you take a tram from the central station, it will take you right to the door, a short walk down to Charles Bridge, and you can see Prague Castle outside the room.
If you go down towards Charles Bridge, there is a large supermarket.
Room: 4.5
Because it is an old building, there were some inconveniences, and one bed was a bit small.
There are two double beds, so it is inevitable that you will sleep with your companions.
If you are sensitive to this part, please refer to it.
If you book a Loft room, you will have to carry your suitcase up the stairs because the elevator does not go to the 4th floor.
Since you are given one or two keys, distributing keys can be a headache if your group prefers to travel independently.
Services: 5
Late check-in is difficult as the front desk does not open until late at night.
All the staff are friendly and there are no problems with housekeeping.
Total: 5
I think it would be difficult to find accommodation in this location at this price.
It may be helpful to note that there are double rooms available as well.

If you go down toward Charles Bridge and turn right, you will find a laundromat and wine bar.
It was cost-effective and well used.
The crowds get bigger as you get closer to Charles Bridge, but there are surprisingly few people around the hotel.
If you go for a night walk around 11pm when all the people staying on the outskirts of the city have left, you can enjoy the night view of Prague without many people.
The lights turn off at midnight, so between 11 a.m. and midnight is a good time.

Accommodation name: 7Seasons Apartments Budapest
Average price per person per night: 50,000 won (2 4-person rooms)
Stayed for: 4 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Location: 4.5
Accessibility to walking attractions is a bit poor.
However, it is located in front of the station (I forget the name), which has the most subway lines in Budapest, so it is easy to go anywhere.
There is a large supermarket nearby.
Room: 5
There is a balcony, but it’s not particularly useful.
This was especially true because around the time I was there, we were suffering from a heat wave with temperatures exceeding 35 degrees.
Still, the accommodation is spacious, has a good bathroom, and a well-equipped kitchen.
However, since there were two keys per room, key distribution is important if you enjoy traveling independently.
Service: 4.5
The wifi in our room was so bad that we deducted 0.5 points.
Other than that, there were no major problems.
Seeing as the other rooms in my group worked well, it may have been a problem in our room.
Total: 4.5
It’s pretty good, and there are some disappointing parts, but it’s good value for money.

Others: I saw one or two ants in the room… Please take note.

Accommodation name: Pensione Suzzane
Average price per person per night: 85,000 won (2 4-person rooms)
Stayed for: 4 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Accommodation location: 5
You’ll be hard-pressed to find more affordable accommodation in Vienna’s Innere Staadt.
All of the city’s attractions are easily accessible on foot, and a large subway station is within a 5-minute walk.
You can go directly from the central station.
There is a Spar Gourmet nearby, where you can make your own fresh fruit juice.
Room: 4.5
It’s a bit narrow.
When you unfold four suitcases, it is almost full.
The bathroom is well equipped.
I have a portable air conditioner and it works well.
You don’t have to worry about past reviews saying there is no air conditioning.
There is the same issue as the above accommodations as there is only one key per room.
Services: 5
Since it is a family-run hotel, the manager is in charge of everything.
You are kind.
Housekeeping is good.
Total: 5
This is where you give up a few comforts for the best accessibility.
However, there are no major inconveniences and the location is great, so I recommend it.

Others: There is a dry cleaning place right in the back block, but on the day I did laundry, they said they didn’t do laundry, so I had to go a bit far.
The hair dryer is weak.

Accommodation name: Star Inn Hotel Salzburg Zentrum (recently changed to Leonardo Salzburg City Center)
Average price per person per night: 55,000 won (2 4-person rooms)
Stayed for: 3 nights

Rating (out of 5)
Accommodation location: 5
Most of the city is accessible on foot, and buses run nearby.
You can go directly by bus from Jungang Station.
It is also close to the Salzburg Festival venue.
Room: 5
Finally the 4 keycards came back.
It is a spacious and spotless room.
Services: 5
Check-in and check-out are quick and trouble-free.
Housekeeping was also good.
Total: 5

Other: The taste of the Chinese restaurant in front of the hotel is surprisingly Korean.
However, it is cash only.

This concludes my review of all accommodations for 6 or more people.
I hope this helps.
If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and we will answer them.

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