Public transportation works well with the Milan Contactless Card.

I came to Milan yesterday.

It’s been 10 years.

Even at the end of October, it can be a bit hot during the day.


​I read that among public transportation in Milan, only the subway accepts cards, but trams and buses are also available.

Available with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

You have to take pictures when you get on and when you get off.

​It costs 2.

2 euros for one ride, but you can transfer for free within 90 minutes (you can also transfer to the subway, bus, or tram).

​A 24-hour pass costs 7.

6 euros, but if you just pay 4 times with the same card, it will automatically change to a 24-hour pass costing 7.

6 euros instead of 2.

2×4 = 8.

8 euros.

Time is 24 hours from the time of first payment.

So, there is no need to worry, just use the same contactless card to pay for public transportation and it will automatically be cheaper.

​Please note that I live abroad, so I don’t know about the Travel Wallet transportation card, but I used the contactless card of my country and Apple Pay.