Highly rated hotels and B&B search list (3) – Granada

To commemorate the completion of flight/accommodation reservations for an independent trip to Spain/Portugal from January to February 2024, I am sharing a list of hotel recommendations I created to help friends and I choose accommodations.

So far, I have traveled independently to over 20 countries, and fortunately, I have never had a problem choosing an accommodation.

I created my own list of hotels by searching Google ratings, travel reviews, HotelsCombined ratings, and Booking.com.

I hope there is someone who finds it useful.

Search conditions are around 200,000 won per night/twin bed/Google rating generally 4.5 or higher/neat room condition/there must be an elevator (☆☆☆)/there must be space to spread out two 24-inch suitcases/there must be a shower due to the structure of the shower room It is to the extent that water will not leak out.

The prices below are based on 3 nights at the end of January 2024 (search time: late August).
Please use this as a reference only.

Accommodation recommendations are always welcome in the comments.

This is my 4th time in Spain!
Spain is my favorite travel destination!

For reference, Part 1 is Barcelona and Part 2 is Madrid.
The link is below.
When I looked at the previous posts again, there were no links, so I will add Google Map links, etc. as soon as I have time
01:03 Barcelona link added completed
01:09 Madrid link added completed

Part 1 (Barcelona):

Part 2 (Madrid): ​ ​

Based on price for 3 nights

1. B&B (420,000 won)
A place with a great view, at the bottom of Albaicín, take a taxi, after checking out, you have to walk on the stone floor for 3-5 minutes to the taxi stop, duplex structure

2. Hotel Monjas del Carmen – WEB OFICIAL – -Convenient transportation, good value for money, twin room (25m^2) 290,000 won (special price)
-It’s in the city center so it’s a bit noisy at night (near the tapas bar)

3. Sercotel Palacio de los Gamboa – -(Excluding the basic room because it is too small) Standard room (22m^2) 420,000 won, Superior room (25m^2) 460,000 won
-Located in the center, slightly inside the main road, so you may have to drag your suitcase and move a little when calling a taxi.
-Because it is in the city center, there is noise at night (near tapas bar)

4. Catalonia Granada – -In front of the train station, about 15 minutes walk to downtown, quiet area
-Double room (21m^2) 320,000 won, Superior room (25m^2) 440,000 won, Terrace room (20m^2) 440,000 won (I don’t know if tax is included)
-Check in at 3pm
-Wandering comment: 3 people stayed and they said it was spacious and nice

5. Boutique Hotel Luna Granada Centro – -Relatively new hotel, located on the main street so easily accessible to taxis and bus stops. Some reviews say the cleaning service was not good.
-Standard double/twin room (20m^2) 450,000 won

6. Sercotel Granada Suites –
-Very good Google rating
-About 600,000 won
-Apartment-type hotel, feels well managed

7. B&B 2

8. B&B 3

9. B&B 4

10. B&B 5

11. Hotel NH Collection Granada Victoria –

12. Eurostars Catedral –

13. Eurostars Catedral –

14. Palacete 1620, Premium Suites –

15. Apartment-type accommodation in Albaicín district (acquaintance visited)
-The alley is narrow, so renting may not be appropriate.
-The hotel said they would send a route guide for the driver.
-The accommodation itself is in very good condition.
– Spacious accommodation suitable for multiple people

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