Paris studio universite accommodation overbooked..

I’m writing this because something strange happened because of my accommodation…
If you are planning a trip to Europe, be sure to contact your host or reservation site in advance and keep checking to see if your reservation was successful!

I tried to check in to my accommodation in Paris today, October 5th.
The information, such as check-in method, was incorrect, so I sent an email to the host. Please tell me how to check-in and the exact location.
But then I suddenly got a reply saying the accommodation was unavailable.
I called the reservation site to find out what the situation was, and they were very confused. They said they would check and get back to you.
I received a reply that the accommodation I booked was overbooked and could not be used.
They say they will find another accommodation, but don’t believe that and wait. They won’t contact you.

I reserved this accommodation three months ago, and I never received any notification that it was overbooked.
There are cases like me where you don’t receive a call, so make sure to check in advance!!

Since my dad was traveling alone for a month, I made sure the accommodation was located in a good location (I think it was a university dormitory) and my dad made all the plans around the accommodation, but I never thought there would be such a sudden disaster the day before the trip.

Fortunately, my sister and I worked hard to find alternative accommodations the day before departure. I don’t even want to imagine how embarrassed my dad would have been if he found out about this when we arrived in Paris.
After searching in a hurry for a month, I had a hard time finding a suitable place to stay.
The accommodation I found is in the 19th district, and although I am worried about security, I think you will have a safe trip!

The accommodation reservation site processed all refunds and the site paid the penalty.
The Korean representative had trouble making phone calls, so I memorized the phrase “get a refund” to the foreign representative.

Have fun traveling everyone, and be sure to check in advance as things are done slowly in Europe and you are left to your own devices.

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