Frankfurt Fleming’s Express Vichy reviews

Accommodation name: Frankfurt Fleming’s Express Hotel
Number of stays: 10/03-10/04
Location (How to get there): 5 minutes walk right in front of Frankfurt Central Station
Price: 2 rooms, 210,000 won (breakfast not included)
Meals and cooking: Breakfast calculated separately, 220,000 won per person
Availability of bathroom (shower room): Yes – very narrow
Computer: Don’t know
Facilities and cleanliness: Just mediocre – not dirty, but feels somewhere between a hotel and a hostel.
Internal Rules: None
Friendliness of the staff: They answer questions, but I don’t feel they are friendly.
Surrounding environment: I was worried because I heard a lot of scary rumors, but it was better than I expected / I don’t go out late, so I don’t know what it’s like late at night.
Pros: It’s right near the station, so it’s good to go somewhere else the next day / A bottle of water is provided in each room.
Disadvantage: I will never go again, but there are so many cons that I feel like tearing them down and telling them not to go if I see someone who says they are going.
Who would like this accommodation?
People who come late, sleep, and move early in the morning (people who do not need to store luggage)
How would you rate it?

People with a lot of luggage.
For those arriving in Frankfurt in the morning or departing in the late afternoon.
People traveling in groups of 2 or more, such as family/friends.
Absolutely not recommended.

1. Early check-in costs 20 euros.
They don’t do anything just by telling the staff.

2. There is a fee for luggage storage before check-in/after check-out, and must be left in the luggage locker within the hotel.
The problem is that the number of storage bins is extremely small.
There are only two or three storage compartments for carriers over 24 inches.
The staff directly told me to go to Jungang Station and leave it there.
Central station storage is even cheaper!!!

3. Self check-in.
There is no service or anything like that.

4. I haven’t even checked out, but the staff comes in the morning to clean.

5. There is no refrigerator.

Don’t go to Fleming’s Express Hotel.
Cheap is expensive.
Since we were traveling for 4 people, we booked two rooms thinking it would be cheap, but ended up spending 50,000 won more for luggage storage.
Moreover, it takes quite a bit of time to go to the central station to store your luggage, find an empty locker, and put it away.

If this was going to be the case, I would have just gone to a slightly more expensive hotel from the beginning, and I’m really regretting it.

Breakfast is also ordinary.
And the breakfast price was 23 euros per person when checking in, but when I went to the restaurant and paid extra, it was calculated as 22 euros per person.
On Agoda, it says 19 euros when paying at the hotel.
I don’t know what the standards are.

At the end of the trip, I checked out in the worst mood.
Absolutely not recommended.

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