Mom and Child London and Paris Citadines Hotel Reviews

London Citadines Trafalgar 8 nights / Paris Citadines Real Paris 6 nights
Me and my two sons, 6th graders and 4th graders, from the end of June to mid-July.
These are the hotels I stayed at.

European hotels have a 2-person standard.
When I tried to make a reservation for a studio room for 1 adult and 2 children under the age of 12, the price was calculated as 3 adults, so it was too expensive (the price was doubled).
First, make a reservation for 2 adults with the option to cancel.
I sent an email to the hotel.
(Actually, I just made a reservation for two people and was scared when I saw a review saying it was canceled… I looked for cases like mine and luckily a member of the Wandering Cafe kindly responded, so I sent an email to the hotel.)

I received a reply email right away from Citadines Trafalgar in London.
I was told that for an extra bed of 1 adult + 2 children for an extra 50 pounds per night, I re-booked at the lowest price with no cancellation possible and sent an email to the hotel again with the reservation number to confirm and check.
I heard it used to be 30 pounds…
London prices😭

Paris was the problem… I sent emails to all the Citadines hotels in Paris, Saint-Germain, Real Paris, and Eiffel, as well as 6 other hotels I wanted to go to.
I received an answer that no more than 2 people are allowed in a studio room due to fire laws.
Only Citadines Real Paris did not receive a reply email;;
Make a reservation at Hyatt Regency, which can accommodate 3 people.
I waited for a reply email from Citadines Real Paris.

I received a reply email a week before departure. 1 adult + 2 children.
I was actually very happy to hear that an extra bed was available for an additional 30 euros per night!!
It’s the hotel in the location I wanted to go to the most.

Citadines home price is the cheapest with no cancellation, so pay right away!!
Receive the reservation number, send an email again and check for confirmation!!

*London Citadines Trafalgar Studio Room, 2nd grade elementary school student with mom
It was cozy for the three of us to stay. There was a kitchen and a dining table, so I was rather comfortable. The location was really great.
Because I could almost walk around~~ There were many supermarkets nearby, so I bought flat peaches every day~~
I thought the hotel’s free coffee was only provided in the morning, but it is provided all day, and cool purified water is only provided in water bottles. You can save on water costs~~
The staff were a bit blunt when they greeted me;;
When I checked out, I asked them to call a taxi, and they did so. They even loaded my luggage.

*As you know, Citadines Real Paris also has the best location.
This was also a place where you could walk around.
The subway station elevator is right at the hotel entrance, and even if I arrived at midnight after seeing the illumination at Disneyland Paris, I wasn’t really scared because the hotel was in front of the station.
There are many good restaurants nearby and a small mart next to the hotel, so it was easy to buy water when I was in a hurry.
The room was smaller than in London;;
As for the hotel staff, I was friendlier in Paris~^^ They were blunt at first, but every time I saw them, I said hello to the kids, and on the third day, they greeted me more kindly and asked me what time my flight was on the day of check-out, and told me to check out late so I could prepare slowly with the kids. You did it~~

It’s my first time in London and Paris and my busy husband can’t be with me.
I have to do everything with elementary school children.
Even though there was a financial burden, I chose the central price~~

Although it is an episode unrelated to the hotel,
While waiting at the restaurant, the Korean people behind me looked at my children and told me to listen to them among themselves.
“Do you remember how expensive it is to come here and see it at that age?”
He said a few things, such as “I don’t remember anything about what I did back then”, but that’s how I felt.

Even in Korea, there are mothers of my children’s friends who said, “I wonder how much my children will remember if I go to Europe now.”
It’s such a good plan.
I had friends who cheered me on, saying that the children would be so happy.

In conclusion, I made good memories with my children, and even now, a month later, I am still filled with memories as I look back at the diaries and photos that my children wrote while traveling every day.
I think this is enough~~ If I get another chance, I want to go to London and Paris again with my kids~^^

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