Lyon Antique Style Hotel Bayard Bellecour Recommended Reviews

I stayed three nights in Lyon, France, and even though it is not a very famous tourist destination, the accommodation cost was more expensive than I expected.
I liked this place the most, but it wasn’t cheap, so I spent 2 nights elsewhere and only stayed 1 night here.
Even though it was a hassle, I thought it was a good idea to move to a place and stay there for one night.

The location is right across the street from Bellecour Square, the center of Lyon tourism, so it can be considered top-notch.
I was able to enjoy a unique atmosphere with the concept of a classic interior reminiscent of a mansion from 100 years ago.

There are several classes of rooms, and the smallest room seemed a bit cramped, so I booked the higher class, called traditional, for about 270,000 won because had a lot of discounts. It was more spacious and nicer than I thought, so the price was cheap. However, I think it was incomparably better value for money compared to places like Paris.

​ ​
It’s a 3-star hotel, but I was a little confused at first because the entrance was tightly closed like the entrance to a home.
After pressing the call bell next to the door, the door automatically opened and I went up one floor to find the reception desk.
It was a place that seemed to be hidden deep inside, and the desk had an antique style, so it had a secret feel like Sherlock Holmes’ office, which was fascinating.

The staff were very friendly, and I left my luggage in the morning. When I checked in, my luggage was moved into the room in advance and the air conditioner was turned on in advance, so it was comfortable and nice.

When I went to the hotel website, I noticed that each room had a different interior and concept.
However, I really liked some of the rooms, but others were just so-so, so I asked through chat if I could choose the room number I wanted, and I received a reply that they would give me the room I wanted if possible. Fortunately, I was assigned the room I wanted the most.




I can’t tell you how many times I said it was awesome as I looked around because it was prettier and more unique than I thought when I entered the room.

When I saw it in the picture, it looked like it had a unique antique feel, but in reality, I was worried that it might look a bit old-fashioned or too old, but it was much cleaner than I expected, and the furniture and walls felt very new.
It doesn’t have the deep feel of really old furniture, but I think it’s more comfortable and nice to enjoy the classic concept.

Unlike how it looks, the air conditioner is an air conditioning system, so it’s very hot and it’s not a radiator, so it seems to be warm even in the winter.

In particular, the bathroom behind the curtain was very large and beautifully decorated, almost like a separate room, so it was very unique.
Even the shape of the faucet has a fancy old European feel, and the bathtub is deep, making it easy to soak in the water.

The bathroom amenities were no different from any other ordinary French hotel, except for cotton swabs.
I don’t think it was like that in the past, but after going this time, it seems like most other hotels don’t provide disposable items anymore for reasons like environmental protection.


The coffee pot has an exterior that looks like old porcelain and is not noticeable from the outside, but when you open the drawers and shelf doors, you can see all the modern things you would expect, such as a safe, refrigerator, and air conditioner.
If something like that appears on the outside, it doesn’t fit the concept, so it’s all structured in a way that you have to open something to be able to see it, so it was fun, like a treasure hunt.

However, I thought a TV would come out when I opened the mirrored door, but there was no TV.
There was supposed to be a TV there, but it seemed like it was left out for some reason.
I had to turn on the TV to only see French broadcasts, so it didn’t really matter if it wasn’t there.





Also, the breakfast rating here was good, so I applied for breakfast.

The space was small, but the atmosphere was nice with lots of cute interiors.
The price was 18 euros, and it was similar to a typical French breakfast style, but the differentiating point was that there were a few more dishes that you didn’t see often, such as croque monsieur and meat pie, and about 5 different types of cakes and tarts.

So, here I didn’t eat anything like baguettes or croissants, but mainly cakes. They were all delicious, but the almond caramel cake was especially savory and delicious, so I went back and ate it again.
Both the dish and the cheese suited my taste well.

In general, I like accommodations that are recently built and have a modern design.
The Bayard Bellecour Hotel here has a traditional French concept, so it felt like a theme park, so it was fun. It was also surprisingly clean and the facilities were modern, so it was comfortable and even better.
Since I was traveling alone, I was the only one there for a day, but I thought it would have been better if I had come with someone because it was a bit of a waste to enjoy this space just for me.

If I had to point out a drawback, this hotel has rooms with a view of Bellecour Square and rooms overlooking the inner courtyard. The room I was in was on the courtyard side, but the courtyard side was not particularly nice to look at, so it was covered with a lace curtain.
So, I think the only drawback is that the room doesn’t get much sunlight, so it feels a bit lacking in openness.
(In other words, it is a structure that guarantees privacy well, so it may be an advantage for some people.)

Rooms with a square view are more expensive, but the interior is more luxurious, like a noble room.
I don’t know if I’ll ever go to Lyon again, but if I do, I’d like to earn some money and stay in the best room for a day or two.

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