Bulgaria Plovdiv VILLA FLAVIA Hotel Reviews

Looking at the cafe, there are quite a few people going to Bulgaria these days.
So, I am leaving a hotel review.

I went on a trip around Bulgaria this June… and this was a memorable hotel!
This is a hotel called VILLA FLAVIA in Plovtiv!Image

This photo was taken from the front of the hotel!
There are no pictures of the room..ㅠㅠ
The room was quite spacious, very clean, and the bathroom was nice~
The Walchem ​​snacks in the lobby were also delicious. The breakfast didn’t have a lot of variety, but it was delicious!!

If it were like this, I wouldn’t have posted a review….
There is something unique about this hotel.
There is a historic site under the hotel. The hotel itself provides tours (of course, it is free).

We also applied for a tour.
Once you go down, you will see a place like below.Image

They say this place used to be a royal bathhouse.Image

There was a place where a fire was lit to heat the water in the bathhouse above (basement 1st floor) and downstairs (basement 2nd floor). It was fascinating.. haha.Image

When I listened to the explanation of the stairs in the hotel garden, they said they were divided into three sections…
They explained that the top of the stairs (where there is nothing) is the future – the place with stairs is the present – and the bottom of the stairs is the past.

When I came to Plovdiv last year, I didn’t know it was a different hotel, but when I came this time, I found out that there was a hotel like this too.
They say that this hotel can no longer expand the building due to the historical sites below.. hahahaha

If you are going to Plovdiv, please refer to it!!^^

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