[Hotel Review] Tips for those planning to stay at Citadines Trafalgar Square in London

I’m just writing this for a moment before I leave, so please understand that it’s a bit rambling.
Hotel Para is my first time staying in a residence style like this, so I was a little disappointed when I checked in at night, but after waking up, I was satisfied with the fact that it was a very comfortable place.
The room I’m staying in is a studio, and it’s line 2.Image

This is a partial shard view. The front is an office, so the curtains are always drawn.Image

There are scissors in the kitchen utensils, but no tongs, so if you want to eat meat, it would be useful to bring tongs.
Induction cookers have two burners but are weak.
Is it a highlight?
Running both at the same time takes a really long time, so I recommend using only one.

The advantage of this place is that there are many outlets.
There is another 220v plug on one side of the bed and another on the table next to the TV.

There are no toothbrushing cups in the bathroom.
The radiator works very well.
Great for drying simple laundry.

And as you all know, this is a great restaurant that offers free coffee 24 hours a day.
There are napkins provided near the coffee machine, which are very useful.
It’s a slightly non-woven material, so it’s good for wiping up grease like a kitchen towel and picking up hair from the floor.

Since it’s near the station, there are Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and M&S, but if you go in the afternoon, food items tend to sell out.
M&S doesn’t sell large bottles of bottled water and Tesco is currently offering a discount on bottled water.
I bought Buxton because it said it was British water, but it had a unique taste and Tesco PB bottled water didn’t taste like Korean bottled water, so it was okay.
0.85 for 2 liters.
Shop for food at a supermarket rather than near the station. I cross the bridge, but this one is bigger.Image

Pear 2.65, Apple 2.6, Strawberry 3.5
All fruits are delicious.
Personally, I liked the pears the best, and I bought apples because they were in season, and they were also delicious.Image

The sausage costs 4.25 and it tastes good, but it takes a long time to cook because it is raw meat.

10 pounds for 3 pasta dishes.
Chicken drumsticks and wings are also available for 8 pounds for 3 packs of 350g each.
(I don’t know if the event is only held in the evening. Go at night.)
Just heat it in the microwave and it’s convenient, filling and delicious.
Recommended as a light meal.

I hope this will be of some help to those who visit Citadines!

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