[Helsinki, Finland] Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki

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We stayed in the cheapest room + breakfast included.
A house right in front?
Because of the same thing, I had to close the curtains when changing clothes.
But it wasn’t too uncomfortable.

Accommodation name:
Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki

Number of stays:
2023.08.02~2023.08.08 (6 nights and 7 days)

Location (How to get there):
Airport > Bus No. 600 > Get off at Jungang Station > About 5 minutes on foot

KRW 1,204,558 for 6 nights and 7 days for a standard room (breakfast included)

Meals and cooking:
I ate breakfast on 5 nights and 6 days out of 6 nights and 7 days, but it felt like the restaurant was smaller than I expected and there were few menus.
The menu doesn’t change every day, but it’s delicious.
If you check the ingredients you want for the omelet, they will prepare it for you.
Cooking is not possible.
There are many restaurants right around

Bathroom (shower room):
Is there a shower space in the bathroom? Computer:
I don’t really use computers, so I’m not sure, but they didn’t seem to be anywhere.
There is a lounge, but I’m not sure about it.

Facilities and cleanliness:
Simple and good.
I’m glad they asked me to clean it every day.
One day, the light in front of the bathroom wasn’t working, so I told the desk about it and they fixed it right away while I was out that day.
There was also an iron, so I used it well.
I think everything like water has to be paid.

Internal rules:
Nothing special.

Friendliness of the staff:
They are friendly.
My friend exchanged money for 100 euros, and when I asked him, he broke that too.

Surrounding environment:
I considered the location to be the most important, and it was good that it took about 5 minutes to get to Central Station, and that it was not in a corner but in an open area, so it wasn’t scary even when moving in the early morning.

Breakfast (delicious).
I was just satisfied with everything.

It’s facing the villa right in front?
But I don’t think there’s any downside to this since you can just close the curtains.

Who would like this accommodation?
Those traveling with women (because it’s not in a corner), those who want to stay close to the central station, those looking for accommodation in Helsinki…
+ Free luggage storage!

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