Citadines Trafalgar Square, London, England

A family of three stayed for 5 nights at Citadines Trafalgar at the end of July 23.

1. Location!!
The location is really good.
It is within walking distance or 1 or 2 subway stops from major tourist attractions (Westminster, Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, National Gallery, etc.).
The subway station is Embankment, and this is a station where several lines come in, so it was really nice to get around by subway.
Because the transportation was so good, it was possible to go out in the morning, come back to the accommodation after lunch, rest for a while, and then go out again, which was good for controlling my physical strength.

2. Size
We rented a one bedroom apartment and it was quite large.
I’m not sure if all one-bedrooms are like that or if the room we got was like that, but we got a room with a duplex structure.
There was a small kitchen and a fairly large living room (sofa bed) on the first floor, and a bathroom and bedroom on the second floor.
I didn’t like the duplex structure itself.
The stairs are so uncomfortable.
But the space itself was good.

3. Free coffee
You can drink free coffee in the first floor lobby all day.
I don’t know if the coffee machine was good or if they used good coffee beans, but it was delicious for free coffee!
There were several menus including Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino, and the same menu is also available in decaf.
At first, I didn’t think this was a big deal, but thanks to this, I was able to buy some bread and fruit for breakfast and eat it in my hotel room at a reasonable price.
My family, who are coffee lovers, seems to get their money’s worth by drinking a cup every time they stop by.

1. No cleaning!
We stayed for 5 nights, and maybe it’s my fault for not reading it carefully when making the reservation, but the policy here is that if you stay for 6 nights, they will only clean it once.
So, I stayed in a hotel that wasn’t cleaned at all for 5 nights and 6 days, and it was surprisingly stressful.
It’s okay to wash the bedding once a week, but I thought it would be a good idea to come in at least once every two or three nights and at least run a vacuum cleaner on the floor.
There was only one day’s worth of towels provided, and even if I asked for more, they only gave me one day’s worth, so I had to call several times during my stay.
Of course, they clean it for you if you pay (about 30 pounds or so).
The accommodation was already too expensive and I didn’t want to pay extra, so I held on and left, but after about the fourth day, I started to think that I had gone too far since I never live in a house this dirty.
This is not recommended for people who like the joy of entering a tidy room after staying at a hotel and for women with long hair.

2. Besides that, there were a lot of things… that were strangely uncomfortable.
For example, the door that blocks the staircase and the second floor hallway is quite heavy and not fixed, making it difficult to carry luggage back and forth, there is no trash can in the second floor bedroom, there is no place to put a hair dryer in the bathroom, and there is no mirror in the bedroom. They don’t have any, so you have to dry your hair next to the entrance, or they only give you extremely large and heavy body towels, and no face towels to dry your hair with… The standardized, optimal layout and basic provision we expect from a hotel. There is a thing called fixtures, but it was a place that went a bit beyond that.
So, rather than staying at a hotel, it feels like you’re staying in someone else’s home, which is an inconvenience, right?
There were a lot of minor inconveniences in the layout and amenities, but it was quite annoying after staying there for 5 days.

Nevertheless, the location was so good and spacious…. The male family said they really liked the accommodation because they didn’t care about anything dirty or anything like that.
As a woman, I thought that if I ever came to London again, I would look for another accommodation in a better location, but I would not want to come here again.
In that sense, I recommend it to those who have children or are taking their parents with them.

Additional: I saw several reviews saying the staff here were unfriendly, but I didn’t really feel that way.
Everyone was friendly.

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