Columbia hotel near Hyde Park, London

When I was planning my trip, the thing I wanted to do most was visit one park a day, especially Hyde Park.

We are a family of four and will use Paddington Station both when arriving and leaving, so this is the place where we spend the least amount of time carrying suitcases.
There are some limitations when searching for places with three or more beds.

There were two final places left, The Darlington Hyde Park and Columbia, but I decided on Columbia because it was closer to Hyde Park and seemed easier to get to the subway station.

Ours is on the second floor and has a fairly wide driveway with a street view of the hotel in front. I wanted to proactively ask if there was a view of Hyde Park when making a reservation.
It wasn’t until I went to bed on the first day that I realized it was a shame that I couldn’t see the park.

It is a room with 4 beds, and on the other side there are 2 closets (10 hangers each, great for hanging outerwear), a dresser, a carrier storage shelf (2 tiers), and a 3-tier drawer, so 2 carry-on carriers are on the storage shelf, the largest carrier. It is placed on top of a three-tier drawer, so there is plenty of space with only one intermediate carrier on the bottom.​
There is also a tea table and two chairs among the furniture.
When I eat something I bought, I eat it while sitting on the dresser chair and on the bed.
It’s comfortable, and sometimes I spread out a small mat (I wanted to sit in the park, but I can’t because it’s cold) and sit down.

If it’s a disadvantage
There is no refrigerator (so when I buy food, I only buy as much as I can eat today, and the remaining sliced ​​ham I bought for dinner was sealed well and placed on the window sill to eat tomorrow morning).
The furniture is mostly old (the bed is more comfortable than expected, there are two pillows each and it’s okay to use just one).
The sink faucet has separate hot and cold faucets (so when I wash my face, I use the bathtub-integrated faucet).
There are only 4 shower towels and no face towels (you get used to it with use^^).
There are two outlets each under the window and behind the dresser (4 in total. We only borrowed 2 multi-outlets from the airport telecommunications company booth, so it was inconvenient to charge 4 people, but we solved this by buying an outlet with 4 USB ports yesterday). reviews say that the wooden floor makes a lot of noise, but when you actually walk in the room, it makes a creaking sound. The kids are amazed that it has a certain charm, perhaps because they have never been to a place like this before.^^
It bothers me a bit when I sleep, but I guess it’s because everyone is tired and sleeps deeply, so it doesn’t bother me.

I stayed for 3 nights, but this is the only downside.

A 3-minute walk from Lancaster Station on the Central Line?
The more I walk, the closer it feels, and there are bus stops less than a minute’s walk away.
Perhaps because it is a stand-alone hotel, the central staircase is quite large and feels good when going up.

I like it because it’s a sloping wall, which is unusual.
I like it better because the bed sheets are white.
The sheets are not changed every day, but they are neatly organized while cleaning.
There is a bathtub, so my kids enjoy taking a bath before going to bed.
Ah… the heating works well so it’s not cold and warm water comes out well.

I was worried at first because I couldn’t find many reviews here even after searching, but I hope it helps

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