Colosseum Underground Italy Guided Tour

As this was my first trip to Europe, I received a lot of help while preparing.

I will leave a review of the Colosseum Underground Full Experience, which I was most curious and nervous about.



I made a reservation for 12:15 on the official website and printed out the ticket I received via email.

To find out where to enter, I searched a lot of Naver blogs other than Wandering, and walked along while looking at the information sign using the keywords ‘individual, white tent’.

Did the sign where the employee was standing say sotterraneo? I thought I had come to the right place because there was a word that seemed to mean underground, similar to Sotterranei Visita Italiano, which I saw in the email.

I was told to check in 15 minutes early, so at 12 o’clock I greeted the staff and handed them a printout, and they told me to wait another 5 minutes.

I went to the employee again at 12:05 and he informed me that it was meeting point number 3.

On the way in, after checking your ticket and passport with staff wearing black uniforms like police uniforms, the inside of the Colosseum begins.

After completing the security check, you can see the internal ticket booth that was mentioned a lot in Yurang for issuing free tickets to minors, and you can also see the meeting point pillars.

Even though I knew through several searches that the actual tour would start 15 minutes after my ticket time, I was nervous that I might get mixed up with another group, but the staff member at meeting point 3 checked my ticket and told me to go at 12:30.

They made it clear that I was starting, so I felt relieved from that moment on.

(I did not receive the colored stickers I saw in other posts)​​​.

Around 12:20, I met the Italian guide, checked the list, and instructed the team members who could not understand Italian to download an app that supports English audio.

After checking everything to make sure I received it properly, I started the underground tour.

He focused on Italian and continued to point out audio points.

​At first, we were the only ones in the basement, but we also met a group led by another guide.

There are many one-way courses in the basement, and there are times when I fall behind while taking pictures, so I thought I had to watch carefully so as not to fall away from the group.

​After climbing the steep stairs that look like gladiators moving while hearing people cheering for your name, you will finally set foot on the ground.

As if I had become a gladiator, my eyes naturally turned around the audience haha.

After finishing the explanation in the arena, I sit on the bench next to it and recreate the atmosphere of the Colosseum.

Two young gladiators who participated in this tour, including our child, will be summoned~Ranks are determined based on where you sit on the bench, and the names of the young gladiators are shouted out as if you were a spectator in those days.

Once the winner and loser are decided, the guide asks questions.

Should I kill or save?The tour ends with applause after explaining the gestures and asking the doctor.

(I heard clapping from above when I was moving underground, and I think it was this.

)​I went on a trip with my 5th grade son and I was satisfied with the tour.

I applied for the tour because I wanted to see the Colosseum, including the underground, considering that I wouldn’t understand it.

I watched the related video on EBS in advance and understood some of the points well.