Amsterdam / ibis Amsterdam Central.ㅡㅡ

No photos.
>The reason is below

1. Location: Immediately to the left of Amsterdam Central Station (assuming you are coming from the exit)

2. Period of stay: 1 night from 1/15 to 1/16

3. Room time: Standard double room according to / No river or train view

4. Cost: About 170,000 won per night

5. Room condition

No water.
I think there was shampoo and body wash, but I just used mine.
There were a lot of 220-250 volt outlets, which was nice.
The bathroom is not small, but the shower room can be narrow.
There was a TV and I don’t know if it was an air conditioner or an exhaust fan, but it was on the ceiling.
There were plenty of towels, no pots, and no refrigerator.

6. Advantages
– Compared to the location and the cost of accommodation in Amsterdam, it’s pretty good.
But this location can also be a disadvantage.
The staff are quite friendly.
I didn’t have any expectations since it was just a chain restaurant.

7. Disadvantages
– As expected from a country where marijuana is legal, the smell of marijuana was strong even in the room.
I think they sprayed some deodorant to get rid of the smell, but it mixed together and was disgusting.
I may have felt it more because I was originally sensitive to smells.
I don’t know if it’s because it’s a double room, but the window opens about 10cm.
The two windows had to be opened at different angles, so I asked to change rooms, but they were the same.
There was an exhaust fan or air conditioner, so I turned it on as strong as I could and sprayed it with a lot of Febreze that I had brought with me for the trip.
Even if I clean it, it seems like the smell already remains in the room itself.
It was clean and tidy, but I had no intention of taking pictures or anything due to the unavoidable smell.

It may have been just that day, but the smell felt stronger because it was raining.
Additionally, there is a bicycle parking lot in front of the hotel.
It’s near the central station, and there are a lot of people who are addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana, so as soon as you get off the tram after dinner,
Even the 50 meters to the hotel was scary.
The first time I took the Eurostar and got off at Central Station, I took the wrong route (I couldn’t find the exit).
As I was coming back to the ferry stop, it seemed like he was trying to bump into me on purpose and kept following me.
(This is not a problem with accommodation, but it was difficult to feel the smell I had smelled for the first time even inside the hotel.)

8. Others.

At first, I was annoyed because I couldn’t store my luggage, but each employee gave a different answer.
When checking out, I happened to get off the elevator.
I saw a luggage locker.
It’s 3 euros.
So I wanted to at least use that, so I asked while checking out and it was only for hotel users on the 4th floor.
We will guide you to a room where you can store your luggage.

However, since it is not a locker concept and is just stacked on a shelf, anyone can enter, so it is connected to the pillar with a wire lock.
I kept it.

You have to buy water and other things in the lobby on the first floor.
(Several beverages including snacks, beverages, and alcohol were sold)
If you are assigned to the 5th floor or higher, you must first swipe your card, take the elevator to the 5th floor, then walk a bit from the 5th floor and take another elevator up.

9. Overall review.
There were a lot of reviews in general, so I took that as a reference, but I didn’t know the smell could be this strong.
I’m glad it’s just one night
If I had stayed for 2 nights… I think I would have probably moved accommodations.

If you have a sensitive sense of smell, please think carefully.


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