Where to buy Sorrento Citabus tickets using Naples Metro Travel Wallet


This is where you buy tickets.

Don’t wait.


This will be taken in the gray area.

If you want to buy a Citabus ticket when you arrive in Sorrento, go to this information center.


They sell it at the cafe here.

If you’re going to Amalfi, be sure to ask when you get on the bus if it’s going to Amalfi.

Maybe it’s because of the off-season, but some only go as far as Positano.

The interval between departures is long, so leave with plenty of time to spare.

You can go to Amalfi by ferry from Positano, so think about that option.

Well, I think it would be better for the mental health of the people who are crazy about efficiency to just do a southern tour from Rome.

It takes about four hours to get from Positano to Naples.

It’s the off-season, so you can go back.

Only one bus flew, it was peak season.


I think the last train from Sorrento to Naples is around ten o’clock.

I wondered why there weren’t many reviews about going from Naples to the Amalfi Coast, but it was so inefficient.

I came to Naples to eat pizza.