Citadines Trafalgar Square…

I was contemplating accommodation and eventually decided on Citadines Trafalgar Square, and when I tried to make a reservation, a message suddenly appeared saying that there were no more rooms..ㅠㅠ
Since I didn’t have one, I couldn’t find it anywhere, either on the official website or on Agoda… But then I suddenly started to feel so unbearable and disappointed… So I didn’t give up and kept reloading all day long, and eventually I saw that one room was available… I made the payment. I tried…
This time, both the official website and Agoda kept failing at the payment stage.. I tried everything, Hyundai Card, Hana Card, K-Gyeong with Woori Card, Paypal, various types of pay, but I couldn’t get it to work.
I thought I had done enough, so I thought it was the last time and tried using the Shinhan card, and it was completed in one go.
Of course, unfortunately, the accommodation cost increased by the additional cost of one night in those two days… Still, I am satisfied that I was able to successfully make a reservation at a place that many people highly recommend on Yurang.

If there is anyone like me who wanted Citadines but decided to give up because it was sold out… I am writing this to encourage you not to give up and to keep trying.

There is now 1 week left ^^Image

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