There is a reason why this hotel is famous.Athens InnAthens


Accommodation name:
Number of days of stay:
Location (How to get there):
A short walk from Piazza Santiago.
Bathroom (shower):
There is a toilet and shower booth in the room.
Not in the room
Facilities and cleanliness:
The room is clean and equipped with a dressing table, sofa, table, and capsule coffee machine.
Internal rules:
Friendliness of the staff:
They are really friendly
Surrounding environment:
Athens National Park is right in front and it is close to Piazza del Santiago.
It’s also close to the airport bus stop.
Location, cleanliness, friendliness, cheap tax
There doesn’t seem to be anything in particular
Who would like this accommodation?
Good accommodation for sightseeing in Athens
How would you rate it?

When you search for hotels in Athens, you’ll see a lot of
InnAthens hotels.
It’s not famous for nothing.
I was tired because I arrived early in the morning, but all the staff were very friendly and the person at the counter was very pleasant.
And Greek hotels pay a separate tax to the government when checking in.
In other hotels, I paid about 3-4 euros per night, but here I only paid 50 cents.
However, the facilities were not inferior to other hotels.
Breakfast is a buffet, but you can also order omelets or vegan menu items separately.
There is a menu on the table.

And this hotel had a capsule coffee machine in the room.
Perhaps because Greece is a country with delicious coffee, there are often hotels with capsule coffee machines like this.
The coffee served at breakfast was delicious and it felt like there was something sincere about the coffee.
It was a hotel that left good memories in many ways.

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