[Spain/Barcelona] Hotel Ginebra

Accommodation name:
Hotel Ginebra
Number of stays:
Location (how to get there):
Taxi/Airport bus
Price: USD$939 for 4 nights
Meals and cooking:
No cooking allowed; no breakfast; breakfast available at a discount at a nearby cafe upon payment.
Availability of toilet (shower room):
Facilities and cleanliness:
1 out of 5
Internal rule:
There is no such thing, and the water pressure is weak so you should not put a lot of toilet paper in the toilet
Staff friendliness:
Surrounding environment:
Right in front of the square.
There are too many, so I list them below.
Who would like this accommodation?
I am not a sensitive person and think that a place with privacy and a good location is best rather than a hostel.
How would you rate it?

It’s good to get on and off by taxi, and it’s also good to be close to downtown.
The location is really 100 points.
The room ㅠ_ㅠ …..
It’s worth using if you’re traveling with college friends, but not if you’re traveling with your parents…
Even with college friends, I don’t need a nice room, but it has to be tidy.
It doesn’t even meet that standard…
There are so many shortcomings that I will write them down by number.

1. I understand that the water pressure is weak because it is an old building, but if the toilet or shower facility is clogged, they will charge repair costs and compensation for damage caused by business suspension.
My mom and I used the bathroom in the hall just in case we needed something big ^^ haha.

2. The bathroom is not well ventilated and there is mold between the tiles.
It’s not a very bad mold, just a pink mold that appears in the bathroom on the outside wall of the house…?

3. And every time I use water, there’s a strange mechanical sound + vibration… It seems to be the kind of mechanical sound that raises or lowers water…
This thing sounds really great;;

4. There is dust in the room… It doesn’t seem like the cleaning is being done well.
As I opened the window to ventilate the sunlight, there was a lot of dust in the air.

5. The air conditioner doesn’t seem to be cleaned… Same as number 4 ㅠ_ㅠ

6. I don’t know if it’s the subway… or when a bus passes near the square, but every time something big passes by.
The building vibrates… I’m crazy, really ㅠ_ㅠ…

7. Because it was so close to the plaza, there were a lot of people sitting at the entrance of the building, so I was honestly worried when I went in at night.
Delivery people are taking a break and women are squatting and smoking.
One time, a man was standing at the door with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, and when we were about to go in, he tried to follow us in.
There was a time when I didn’t go in and went in after drinking coffee at Burger King and resting.

8. Give me three keys.
Because of this, I can’t carry a mini bag hahahahahaha

9. The towels also seem old… they don’t feel soft at all….
I guess I wash it a lot and use it…

10. The terrace view of the square looked good… but the terrace chairs were so dirty that I couldn’t sit on them.
Originally, I was going to eat beer and jamon sour at the department store after seeing the review photos, but I just sat on the bed and munched on it.

ㅠ_ㅠ It was disappointing because it was the longest stay of 4 nights and 5 days, and the hotel I stayed at at the end was really bad.

Still, the location was really good.
I walked to restaurants, tour places, and shopping places.
When my mom gets tired, I leave her alone at the hotel and go out to the department store alone to buy what I want.
It’s easy to go to the tax refund office in the city early in the morning and get a tax refund.
The staff are also friendly
There are advantages, but next time I will go with H10 even if I have to pay more…

There’s a reason why cheap things are cheap…

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