Rome rechargeable transport ticket (subway, bus)


I thought a lot about what to do with my Rome transportation ticket.

I was worried about punching when riding the bus, and since I was riding with a child and it was difficult to use a check card for multiple rides, I thought I would just buy a ticket on the fly.

​In Rome, they are no longer trying to use single-use transportation tickets and are selling rechargeable transportation tickets that look like this.

When purchasing for the first time, you only need to add 0.

5 euros to this rechargeable transportation card to the number of times you will use it, and after that, you can charge it to this card and travel around.


5 + 0.

5 euros for one charge, 3.

0 + 0.

5 euros for two charges.

)If you use up all of them, you can recharge them here: 1-time ticket, 5-time ticket, 10-time ticket, 1 day, 2 days.

In Tabaki, it is difficult to recharge without a machine, so if you place this card on the right side of the red automatic machine at the subway station, the number of uses remaining on the card will appear, and you can recharge as needed.

​When taking the subway, tag the yellow circle and the door will open.

In the case of buses, if you tag the new purple machine instead of the yellow machine, the light comes on.

I didn’t have to worry about punching, and I used it well because I charged it in advance.