Rome Outlet (Castel Romano) Limousine Bus Stop


While traveling in Rome, I was looking on the Internet to visit an outlet and came across the Castello Mano website.

Address of bus stop (Via giolliti 48)I actually got lost a lot trying to find it.

Airport bus stop at exit 24 of Termini Station.

Follow it and go down for about 300m.

There is an entrance to the subway, which is Biagiolitic 48, and a limousine bus stops on the road at this entrance.

It departs at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00 on time, and a ticket agent appears about 10 minutes in advance to sell tickets.

Cash and credit cards are accepted.

It costs 15 euros for a round trip, and it goes non-stop for about 40 minutes.

[home page].

[Ticket sales area entrance.

Via Giolitti 48].

[Round-trip ticket].