Rome, Italy – Best Western Royal Santina Hotel



I saw many reviews saying the hotel room was small, so I booked a basic room (16 square meters) and the next level comfort room (22 square meters) – a twin room.

1. Stay: 3 nights in January 2024
2. Accommodation fee: Comfort room reserved through official website 250,000 won * 3 days
3. Pros: Location.
affordable price.

A hotel with great locations.
Plus it’s very cheap.
However, it is clean and friendly.
@ This is my 3rd visit to Rome, but I was scared so I stayed at Royal Santina, 3 minutes from Termini Station.
The airport bus departs and arrives at the hotel’s main gate, so all you have to do is drag your suitcase and leave the hotel gate.
I have bad memories of taxis in Rome, so I try to use public transportation to and from the airport to avoid taking taxis other than Uber.

@ Perhaps because I made a reservation through a public homepage, I was assigned to a room on a high floor with a good view, so it was filled with sunlight and I could see the night view.

@ There are a lot of Koreans staying here, so you can always run into them in the lobby while coming and going.
@ Konad Supermarket is 3 minutes away, so it’s very easy to buy souvenir snacks or groceries when going out to Rome.
@ Various tour departure and arrival locations.
Because it is a transportation hub, the Vatican is 10 minutes away by subway.
3 minutes to subway station.

Cons: There are 1-2 homeless people lying between the station and the hotel.
Because I’m a coward, I got off the bus and ran to the hotel.
If you run, cut to 1 minute.

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