Seville accommodation reviews Apartamentos Murillo Gardens Sevilla

I recently went to Spain.
I received a lot of help from wandering members.
I also hope that my review will be helpful to others.
Leave a review of your accommodation in Seville ^^

I copied what I posted on my blog.
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Here is the accommodation I bookedImage

Location is here!!Image


Apartamentos Murillo Gardens Sevilla
C. Rastro, 8, 41004 Sevilla, Spain
It is located in a triangle with Seville Cathedral and Plaza de España.

When I first looked for accommodation near Seville Cathedral,
The accommodation across the street from Alcazar felt very far away.
at all
When I actually walk
You can reach the cathedral in 10 minutes through Murillo Garden next to the Alcazar Palace.
The road to Santa Cruz is good for exploring the alleys.

And it’s easy to walk to Plaza de España.
(Just go straight in one direction)

Come out of the Plaza de España and experience it
I also took the tram and went to Seville Cathedral.

Looking at the map, I am very far from the tourist attraction.
Is it a remote place?
I did it, but it’s not like that at all.

But immediately after drinking, within 5 minutes
For those who want to go back to their accommodation, it might feel a bit far away.

The room we booked is Loft Deluxe.
I made a reservation for 3 people.
I think the price is the same until the 4th.

It was an unfamiliar structure to Koreans.
When you open the door from the outside, you are connected directly to the room.Image

When you go insideImage

It’s quite spacious inside.Image

We made a reservation for 3 people
If you unfold the sofa on the first floor, it becomes a sofa bed.
I was a little worried because the reviews said that this sofa bed was really uncomfortable.
I was fineImage

This is what it looks like from the sofa side.Image

Perfect kitchen facilitiesImage

If you go into the door next to the kitchen, there is a washing machine with both washing machine and dryer functions.

There are plenty of mirrors here and there.Image

A very clean and well maintained kitchen.Image

The refrigerator is also very large.Image

There are enough dishes too.
There’s even a blender.Image

There are bathrooms on the first and second floors.Image

The shower room is spacious and the water pressure in the shower is strong.Image


It’s a staircase going up to the second floor, but it looks a bit dangerous.
As an adult, I also climbed up cautiously.
Households with children need to be very careful.Image

The second floor is also spacious.

Overall, it feels like thisImage

If there are three people and only one person sleeps downstairs, it can be a bit lonely.
It looks like three people could sleep next to each other in the bunk bed.Image

There is also a desk haha.Image

The toilet, sink and shower room are separate.
The bathroom door is unclear….Image

Even the shower room is transparent haha.Image

So embarrassing…..
When someone is washing on the 2nd floor, everyone has to go down to the 1st floor haha.

There is also an air conditioner (heating function) on the first floor.
There is also a separate one on the second floor.

The advantage of this accommodation is

Room condition is good for the price
Facilities are modern
There are two bathrooms, so you don’t have to worry about busy work.
Fully equipped kitchen
Overall, I’m satisfied

The downside is

It is an unfamiliar structure to Koreans who are immediately connected to the road when they open the front door.
I guess the commercial building was remodeled.

So I hear a lot of road noise.
I can hear people passing by.
So I was a little scared.

And cleaning is not detailed.

There was too much dust on the dining table and washing machine, so I wiped them clean and used them again.

There was a lot of dust on the sofa bed and bedding.

The accommodation is very good for the price.
I don’t think Airbnb is suitable for me.
If I go back to the wall
I think I’ll go to the hotel

I go out and play, and when I come back in, the room is completely cleaned out.
Then we head to the hotel, greeted by crisp new towels… haha.

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