Rome IQ Hotel

This is the Rome IQ Hotel information that I have uploaded with a lot of help from wandering.

1. Location
It’s close to Termini, about a 5-minute walk, and Trevi and the Pantheon are about a 15-minute walk away.

2. Room
We used the family room as a family of 4, but I think the room was small.

3. Breakfast
I went without registering, but it cost 10.5 euros per person and I stayed there for two days.
There wasn’t a lot of variety, but all the fruits there were were delicious.
The restaurant staff are also friendly.

4. Coin laundry
They sell coins at the front desk for 5 euros each, and it felt expensive at 10 euros to dry one piece of laundry.

5. Front
The staff was friendly and there was a bus strike when we went, so they explained things to us while looking at the map.
I was worried because it was difficult to get a 48-hour Roma Pass, but they told me where they sell it at Termini Station, so I went.

I was very worried because it was my first accommodation in Italy, but it was a good accommodation.
I felt the price was a bit expensive, but everywhere I go these days, it’s expensive… I recommend it~

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