A review of my visit to Florence & Rome in early November!

This review is written with a lot of help from Yurang.

​I took a short trip: 2 nights in Florence and 3 nights in Rome.

​Florence Accommodation: Ceretani MGalleryIt was clean and nice.

It was a bit cold, but when I told them, they brought me a heater!Breakfast was not bad either.

About an 8-minute walk from Santa Maria Novella Station.

I took a taxi without knowing this and took a picture!I went and got off haha​1) Florence can be accessed entirely on foot.

(But I didn’t go to Michelangelo Hill because it rained)​2) My ㄹㅇㅌㄹ night view tour was good value for money.

​3) I didn’t know about the Uffizi Gallery, but it was good :)​4) Those who collect Starbucks mugs, buy them in Florence.

I heard there is a Starbucks in Rome too, so I didn’t buy them here.

I couldn’t find Starbucks in Rome haha.

​5) I like the Prima because it is spacious.

If the price difference is not much, get the Prima and store your luggage in the train compartment.

The free coffee snacks were also worth having.

​6) Shopping wasn’t bad either.

The bag I saw at Louis Vuitton in Florence (Petite Sacpla Fashion Show Edition) wasn’t there in Rome.

​7) Florence felt clean and safe compared to Rome.

The food was all good.

It just had a high star rating on Google Maps.

​8) Accommodation in Rome: the regency rome tribute.

what the heck.

it was a Marriott affiliate and it was great.

However, the location is far from tourist attractions, so that’s both an advantage and a disadvantage!It was nice that the hotel provided a scale, and the room was spacious and clean.




But if breakfast wasn’t a tier benefit, I think it would have been a waste of money haha.

​9) Free admission on the first weekend of every monthThe benefits of free admission to Seongcheonsa Castle, Pantheon, Colosseum, etc.

are all great.

If you go on the first week of every month, you can save a lot of money if you stick to your schedule.

I went to the Colosseum around 10 o’clock and waited for about an hour!​10) I don’t think I will go on the Vatican tour again.

I couldn’t climb Peter’s Basilica because it was difficult haha.

Unless you are very interested in art and history.

I just watch YouTube before going to the museum.

I think it would be better to spend more time on St.

Peter’s Basilica.

However, fast track is definitely recommended.

​11) Pizza is so cheap, around 10 euros haha.

Most of it is delicious!!​12) I just took the bus, but my contactless card (I have a Hyundai Amex Platinum) was stamped.

Was there really a surprise inspection when I got on the car?Those who did it rode it.

Don’t free ride.

​13) I guess shopping is like Paris.

There was less to buy than I thought.

There is no 5% Baekhoe branch discount ㅠㅠNevertheless, Louis Vuitton miscellaneous goods (shawl belts, etc.

) are much cheaper than in Korea.

30% cheaper​14) I didn’t have time to go around much, but I think I came here to see what everyone else was seeing!!!​15) Taxis to the airport have a fixed rate.

I made a reservation for 40 euros on another website, and it was nice that they picked me up on time, but when I dropped them off and gave them 40 euros, they asked me for 5 euros more, saying something about taxes, which was annoying.

​Still, I want to go again ^^.