Rome accommodation reviews

It was a trip for 3 people including 1 child.

This is an accommodation near the Vatican where I stayed for 4 nights at the end of September.

When I tried to make a reservation around mid-July, it was already difficult to find decent accommodation.

I think it was because of Chuseok and the Ryder Cup.

ㅠㅠ​So, I searched through airb&b and found this accommodation.

I decided after seeing the cupola view and reviews and was satisfied.

It was a residential area far from the center, but there was always bus number 64, so I was able to get around by transferring on that bus.

​​You can see the cupola through the window at any time.

Go up the cupola and look for my house.

lolIt was a building with an elevator and the shower booth was very small.

I didn’t use it, but there was a washing machine, a microwave, and kitchen utensils for cooking.


me/tCVSwAwYqBb ​.