Rome Rhea Silvia Luxury Navona

1. Accommodation period: 1.13~17 (4 nights)
2. Accommodation: 3 people
3. Room type: Triple room-view
4. Bed: Double + Single
5. Price: 871.56 excluding tax
6. Breakfast included
7. Features: It’s really clean and the staff is friendly.
You will be given 3 keys.
Building door key, hotel door key, room key.
Although staff are not available 24 hours a day, they have everything you need.
Breakfast is delivered to your room on a trolley when you select it from the menu link in your room the day before.
The menu selection is wide and delicious.
The location is so good.
Because it is located in a part of Piazza Navona, it has good accessibility to tourist attractions.
I was especially happy in the morning and evening because of the view directly overlooking the fountain.
The room wasn’t cold, but it felt a little chilly, perhaps because it was a bad day when I stayed.
It’s not that spacious for a triple room, but since we stayed for a long time, it wasn’t too inconvenient for us to leave the necessary items on the shelves and storage space.
Due to the nature of Piazza Navona, there were outdoor performances in the evening, and there was noise from outside, but it wasn’t so much that I couldn’t sleep, and I was excited by the sound of busking songs.
I highly recommend staying here again when I go to Rome again.

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