Personal review of Hvar Amfora Hotel (beware of long post)

To conclude, it wasn’t very good.
The service of carrying luggage to the hotel pool, the beach in front of it, and the port was good.
In addition, this is a personal review due to the room condition and the rudeness of certain employees, so please use this as a reference for future guests.
I made a reservation through a public website and couldn’t leave a review anywhere. It was so frustrating that I left it on Wandering LOL. Originally, I was just going to do that and tried to stop me, but it was so unfair.
It’s a long post, so if you’re busy, you can just read the ⭐️Summary⭐️ below.

First of all, I had a bad feeling from the beginning. It was like a maze, but they gave me a room on the bottom floor that I had to go to to get to it, and they told me that I could find it by just going that way.
I thought that was it, but I wandered around and eventually got into the elevator after an employee took me up and down the stairs.
To be honest, I don’t think much of the room view or location because I’m alone, so I just ignored the lack of directions.

But there were so many mosquitoes in the room that I wondered if they had been raised on purpose.
If you look around, there are mosquitoes, so I caught them every time I saw them. I’m not going to lie, I caught about 20 of them.
I also caught two small bugs that looked like spiders.
I don’t know if it was the same in other rooms or what, but anyway, I couldn’t sleep well because the mosquitoes kept coming out no matter how many times I caught them.

In the end, I slept for a day and talked to the reception about mosquitoes, and they brought me some mosquito repellent that plugs into the outlet.
Additionally, the room was not fully stocked with hotel amenities such as shampoo, so I just requested and received them separately.

Still, I came this far on a trip and thought that this kind of thing happens and that I had a good time using the hotel swimming pool and the beach right in front.

While the inconveniences were piling up, the highlight was what happened at the breakfast restaurant on the day of check-out, and because of this, I was completely out of my mind and left.
The omelette staff is very rude.
Breakfast was included in the 2-night stay, and I tried to say hello for breakfast on the first day, but they ignored me.
I said it was okay if I didn’t eat anything and ended that day.
And since the next day was the last day, I went and talked to him, ignoring him or not, and after ignoring him for a few minutes, he finally pretended to know me, so I told him to order and said he would come later, so I sat down and waited.
After a few minutes, one came out, so I asked if it was mine, and when I heard no, I went back to my seat and waited, but after a while, the guy sitting next to me, who had ordered later than me, brought the omelette first.
So I said I would just stand in front and wait, but he ignored me for a few more minutes, then reluctantly looked at me and asked me what I wanted to do. I told him I had already ordered it, but when would it be done?
Then they called another server and said something and said nothing.
The server told me that yours had already been completed and had been left here for over 10 minutes, but they didn’t pick it up so they threw it away.

Since my seat was right behind me, I kept watching and waiting, but other than what I said at first that it wasn’t mine, there wasn’t anything finished and ready to go.
I don’t have a clue lol So you’re saying it’s my fault?
When I said that, the server shrugged and said, just wait a little bit and it will be done again soon.
Like this
Mine came out right away, I took it, and went to my seat, but I had already lost my appetite and didn’t want to eat what she made.
So, after thinking about it for a while, I wrote down a description of the situation, translated it into Croatian with Google, and showed it to the server.
Even though her server showed Google Translate, the woman waved her hands all the way through, as if she was annoyed, and didn’t even look at me or show any will to explain.
She just had a clearly dismissive attitude. The server apologized on her behalf.

I personally feel like it’s racism? From the first day, other white people took orders just by standing in front of them, but I was indifferent to even talking to them lol. Still, I thought I might have just misunderstood, but now I think I’m right.

But even if it wasn’t racism, I think that attitude showed that they clearly ignored me.

After waiting in front of her and saying that she threw away hers, she started muttering in Croatian in front of me, so I came back swearing in Korean as well.

The employee who made the omelette ignored me from the beginning.
I was waiting for you and you didn’t show up, so I asked about it, and they said that I waited for you for 10 minutes and then threw you away because you didn’t come, and treated me like a gaijin.

Hvar was so good that I could come back just for the omelette, but I promised myself that I would never stay here again haha.
It’s not a big deal, but it feels really dirty.
Well… other than that, most of the other employees were friendly.

This is my first post on wandering… I’m upset that it ended up like this.
Anyway, please take note if you are going.
If you go, I think it would be a good idea to go without high expectations and just enjoy the pool and beach.

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