Paris Mayfair Hotel / Barcelona h10 universitat reviews

First of all, I was very satisfied with both hotels!!

Paris Mayfair
is very close to the subway station and bus stop.
It was within walking distance of the Opera House, so it was nice to take the Louisiane bus when going to Charles de Gaulle Airport.
And Printemps and Lafayette are also within walking distance!! (Near the Louisiane bus stop)
The Louvre and Torch Gardens are within walking distance and it’s easy to get around!!

The front desk is friendly and you have to leave your keys before leaving and coming in, so it’s rather convenient.
There were no bed bugs and the interior and cleanliness were very nice!!
The water pressure was good and the water quality felt good to me, so I didn’t use a filter.
Amenities and towels are restocked every day, and bedding is made well every day.

It was a shame that I got a wall view, but it didn’t matter. The bed was so comfortable that I slept well every day.
It was a highly satisfying hotel!

Barcelona h10 universitat
was really, really great!!!
The interior is very spacious, the front desk was friendly, and the breakfast had just the right amount of food, so I ate it every day.
It was clean and the water pressure was good!
Of course there were no bed bugs.
The view was pretty good too!!
It was nice to see the roads ahead!
Perhaps because I booked a place with a super king bed, my husband loved how big the bed was.
It was the most satisfactory accommodation I stayed in in Europe~~

The location is great for getting around and I didn’t have any inconveniences during my stay!!
Oh, by the way, the airport buses A1 and A2 are also nearby.

I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t have too many expectations, but both places were carefully selected.
I was very satisfied!!
Except for these two hotels, I used Airbnb all the time, so now I understand why they call it a hotel hotel? Haha.
The hotel is great… but it’s expensive!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment~

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