London Saco The Cove Canon Street

Hotel name: Saco The Cove Cannon Street, or The Code Cannon Street
Location: Canon Street, St. Paul’s Cathedral is visible.
Right next to Mansion House Station
Period: July 28 – August 4, 2023
Reservation: Official website
Price: 2,047 pounds, approximately 500,000 won per night.

The biggest advantage is that it is spacious and clean.
There is a separate room and living room, and there is a bathroom door next to the door, and the bathroom is also large.
There is a bathroom that runs the length of the room, so the bathroom is about half the size of the room, so you can shower more comfortably than in other hotels.
(Shower booths in Europe are not large, so the shower booth alone is twice that of other hotels.)
This hotel was chosen among hotels with kitchens, so the kitchen and cooking utensils are well-equipped.
Pots, frying pans, bowls, cups, spoons, forks, etc. However, there were no tongs, so it was difficult to fry.
There is a microwave, toaster, and oven as you can see in the picture.
There is a dishwasher to the left of the oven, and a washing machine to the right of the oven.
To the left of the dishwasher, in other words, under the sink, the drawer contains a trash can (separating bin) and dishwasher and washing machine detergent.
So, I did laundry 3-4 times while I was there.
Since I was staying here for a week after visiting York and Edinburgh, I immediately turned on the washing machine.
I bought and ate dinner at the supermarket, and it seemed to be very cheap compared to eating out.

The subway station is right next to Mansion House Station, so you can take the district line and circle line right away.
On the Central Line, Bank Stay Station is a short walk (about 5 minutes).
There was Sainsbury’s and Fret right next to it, so I made good use of it.
I walked to St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate Modern, and Sky Garden.

When I asked about things like towels at the reception downstairs, they brought me 2-3 days’ worth.
Cleaning was done once during the week we stayed.
The staff was very friendly, and I felt safe because it was a place with a lot of office workers rather than a busy area.

What I felt while I was in London was whether the buildings were well built or whether the windows were good.
The hotels are well soundproofed, so you can’t hear outside sounds very well.
It was nice that I couldn’t hear any outside noise here and the window could be opened (though not completely).
​ ​
The downside is,,
I think it will be the location.
There is quite a lot of travel time during the week.
Even if you want to go to Big Ben or the London Eye, you have to take the subway, even though it is 4 stops away.
Even if you want to go near Oxford Circus or the British Museum, you have to travel 20-30 minutes.
Slightly further places, such as Hyde Park, take longer to travel.
So I thought it would be nice to be somewhere a little closer to downtown.
My first thought was to wander around, come to the hotel, have dinner, and then go out again to see the night view…
Once you come in, you hesitate to leave again.

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