[Paris] Dandy Hotel Reviews

It was the part I was most concerned about during my trip, so I looked into it a lot.
I’ve read a lot of reviews, so I’m sharing this to help in some small way!

✔ Accommodation name: Dandy Hotel
✔ Number of stays: 23.11.13 – 23.11.18 (5 nights)
✔ Location: District 1, Zone 1
✔ Price: Total of 2.2-2.3 million won for 5 nights in a double room (average 440,000-460,000 won per night)

​✔ Meals and cooking availability
– Product with breakfast included
-Breakfast wasn’t bad, but there wasn’t much to eat.
– It was possible to bring an electric pot for simple cooking, but there was not much space to eat.

✔ Whether there is a bathroom (shower room) or not
– During this trip to Europe, it was the only one with a separate toilet and shower room (both located inside the room)
– The shower booth is the widest.
– The bathroom is neat and tidy, but there is no trash can in the bathroom.
(Available in the shower room)

✔ Facilities and cleanliness
– The entrance is one with the restaurant, so you have to go straight in to find the desk.
-The floor where the hotel rooms are located is very maze-like.
– Perhaps because it has been remodeled, it is really neat and clean.
– There is an elevator inside the hotel, and if you board with suitcases, it seems that 2 people can fit up to 3 people.
– Wardrobe, electric kettle, coffee machine, amenities (no toothbrush and toothpaste), slippers, refrigerator, and dryer.
– Everything in the refrigerator is chargeable.
The refrigerator performs extremely well (it cools down quickly and leaves thin ice if left in for a day).
– I don’t know if it’s because I used a filter connected to the shower booth, but the water pressure in the shower was a bit weak.
– Hot water comes out of the shower quickly, and hot water comes out of the sink after you turn the water on for about 10 seconds.
– Clean the room neatly.
– The room is definitely spacious, but the bed is either large or in the middle, so there isn’t enough space to spread out your suitcase.
– There is a terrace, but the view was not good, so I closed the curtains.

✔ Internal rules
– Similar to a regular hotel, nothing special

✔ Friendliness of the staff
– Ordinary.

✔ Surrounding environment
– The surrounding area feels a bit… um… like Myeongdong.
– It felt like there was a hotel in Myeongdong, so I didn’t think it was very dangerous at night because there were people there.
– Taxis stop in front of the hotel.
Although it is a large alley, I thought I would have to go out again, so I stopped at the entrance to the alley.

✔ Advantages
– Good location.
15-17 minutes walk to the Louvre.
20-minute cut on the Seine River.
– No feeling of aging.
– It’s quiet considering it’s next to a restaurant.
– Due to a tour schedule, I went in around 12:40, but it wasn’t dangerous because the alley restaurants were open.
(Based on taking a taxi to the alley entrance and walking in)

✔ Disadvantages
– If you call Bolt right in front of the hotel, you won’t be able to catch it because it’s an alley.
– Desk staff leaves work at 23:59.
-The inside of the hotel is like a real maze.

✔ Who would like this accommodation?
– It is good for individual tourists and seems to be good for two tourists.
– If it’s a family unit, it’s not bad, but it’s not good either…

✔ Rating A

The bed was turned over so much that I couldn’t even take a picture… haha.
​ ✔ Others

The accommodation was really neat.
There was no feeling of aging at all.

As for the price, 1 ball is originally expensive, but
I may have made a more expensive reservation as I changed accommodations in a hurry in Milan.. haha.

In particular, in the case of Paris, there is a lot of trouble with bed bugs and there are security issues, so I think more attention was paid to it.
So, I quickly searched further and changed accommodations.
(I thought there was a problem with the accommodation I booked before, but I was surprised to see an old hotel in Milan. I changed it in a hurry.)

Since I spent more money, the cleanliness was really clean.
It is neatly organized every day,

It may be important to know who stayed before, but after turning over all the beds, I couldn’t find any traces of bed bugs.
Since it was the last country of this trip, I was worried that it might come in my suitcase.

I used it without any problems at all, and so far, I haven’t found anything!

The hotel is also very clean, so I am completely satisfied!
I plan to stay again next time!

Also, if you’re coming from the station or going to the airport because it’s the last hotel, I’d like to write a little note.
They say the hotel offers luggage storage, and you can get from the hotel to the airport in one go.
In my case, I had a lot of luggage and it was raining, so I just called a taxi!

When using a taxi called by the hotel, the taxi pulled up in front of the hotel and cost 65 euros.
I searched for Bolt and found that it costs 55-65 euros, so I think it will be similar.

And when I came to the hotel, I came through Lyon Station.
It was about 15-20 minutes by taxi from Lyon Station, and I caught a taxi directly from the station and it cost about 12 euros!

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