[New Review] 4-star hotel in a wealthy neighborhood in London

I am a warm married couple who went on a new trip to London!

We stayed for a total of 7 nights, of which 4 nights were in a hotel and 3 nights were in an Airbnb.
After staying there, the hotel was just the best haha.

I stayed at a hotel called Park International.
Above all, since it is located in Kensington~Chelsea, the richest neighborhood in London, there was no need to worry about security.
I ate until late in the evening (11:30 p.m.?) and did some grocery shopping. Haha.
It’s an old building, but since it’s a 4-star hotel, cleanliness is basic and all the necessary facilities are there.
The breakfast was just what I needed (worthy of eating) and I enjoyed it very much.

Also, for those who like soccer, it would be great to visit Chelsea Stadium, Stamford Bridge, as it is very close.

Since I am a VIP on an accommodation reservation app, I went there at a very cheap price of 200,000 won per night, including breakfast.
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Accommodation photos
Accommodation name:
Park International (Kensington) / Junior Suite Room!!
Number of stays:
4 days in June 2023
Location (How to get there):
Kensington ~ Chelsea
I think it was originally more expensive, but I got a VIP discount on an accommodation reservation app, so it was around 200,000 won per night.
Meals and cooking:
Use breakfast package
Bathroom (shower):
Of course, there is a toilet and shower in the room.
I think there was a public computer in the first floor lobby.
Facilities and cleanliness:
Very clean
Internal rule:
The room I stayed in was a non-smoking room, so there was no specific guide other than a smoking cessation guide.
Friendliness of the staff:
Very friendly
Surrounding environment:
Since it is a wealthy neighborhood, there is no need to worry about security.
You can stay at a 4-star hotel at a cost-effective price.
Great breakfast restaurant!
It was an old building, so it was worn out, but it was very clean due to thorough maintenance.
Who would like this accommodation?
Recommended if you are looking for a high-end hotel with an old European style without worrying about security.
How would you rate it?

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