An accident occurred while making a hotel reservation using Google Maps.

This is my first time experiencing something like this.
Of course you wouldn’t do something stupid like me… but I’m sharing the information just in case.

In the process of booking accommodation
I have used Tripadvisor, Agoda,,,, Airbnb, and even airtel.
However, as it has been a while since I planned a European itinerary, I often move around for two nights in each city.
I think I should check the distance between my accommodation and my destination
Bring up Google Map,
take a picture of your accommodation, and choose by looking at the distance.
I booked a room through a linked lodging company link site.

However, during this process, all the hotels where I wanted to stay in Rome were sold out on the site mentioned above.
I only found it on one unfamiliar site.
When I went in, it said that they would connect rooms that had been reserved in advance.
There may be many sites in the world – they may be linked to Google…
I paid without any doubts.

The site
(The name…sounds good, doesn’t it?;;; The site was fine, too.)

During the reservation process, a more expensive room was incorrectly selected and I ended up paying $385.
After canceling, I changed back to a $315 room.
(If there is some time left, a room that can be canceled is usually reserved.)

But somehow… I have a feeling… it’s not being canceled.

From then on… it went to the worst case scenario.

Because there are no reviews on the site
When I inquired at the help corner, I received an answer from someone who was not like Dawn or AI.
The cancellation went well.
There is only one left worth $315.
So, is this a travel site?
Which country do you belong to?
When I asked,
there was no response.
From this point on, I felt even colder…
When I inquired directly with the hotel I signed a contract with,
I received an email reply saying that there were no rooms reserved in my name.
I canceled the $315 bill again.
I contacted the credit card company to confirm the cancellation… and
confirmed that
both $385 and $315 had been paid .
It only acts as an intermediary between traders – it cannot be canceled directly.
The only reply was that it was not possible to cancel the card because the seller had to process the cancellation.
I had to wait up to 150 days and had to pay back $700 in the process.
you have to do is fill out an ‘objection form’ and wait for a reply from MasterCard
Summarized with the following contents.

I was told to wait as it may take some time to cancel an overseas transaction… but
There is no end to anxiety.
When I looked up the country where the payment site was located, I found…

Looking at Google and TripAdvisor reviews about payment on unfamiliar sites
Google only connects advertisements if you pay and is not responsible, and just because it is a legitimate site does not mean there are no problems.
When I looked at the reviews on TripAdvisor, it said to be suspicious if the price is significantly lower than the market price.
I had to pound the stone bridge.
Rather than wanting to stay.

Use a place that everyone knows.
If the price is too cheap – be skeptical and make a reservation.
I’m paying off $700 in credit card debt – and I’m sighing deeply about the October trip that hasn’t even arrived yet.

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