New Hotel Gardu Nord reviews

I took the train from the Netherlands to Paris and chose the accommodation in front as soon as I arrived at Gare du Nord.
There may be many good and comfortable accommodations, but from September 16th to 20th, there were almost no accommodations priced under 1 million won for 4 nights.
I don’t really know why, but the prices were so expensive, perhaps because the Rugby World Cup was going on.
And since I was moving with a baby who wasn’t even one year old, I had too much luggage and it was difficult to go far.

Anyway, this is a review of a 2-star hotel with a Google rating of 3.6.
First of all, it was right in front of North Station, so it was the best for getting around.
Of course, it is a bit far to go to the tourist attractions in the city.
Still passed.
There is an elevator, but it is very small.
It is the perfect size for a stroller and one adult.
And there was a huge mistake: except for the 0th floor, there was an elevator in the middle of the stairs.
She ended up going up and down with the stroller.
As expected, the downside is that the building is old, but the hot water works well.
It was a shame there was no refrigerator, but the basement restaurant (it’s too small to be called a restaurant) allowed me to use a microwave, so I used it to warm up baby food.
And there was a baby bed so I could borrow it, but it was old and had no cushion.
I was worried that the baby would be uncomfortable, so I got an extra blanket and put it on it, but I’m proud of my baby who somehow managed to sleep well.
Breakfast is around 8 euros… They said there was a huge buffet, but we weren’t fooled and didn’t include it.
However, when I go out to eat, it’s the price of one sandwich… so I briefly wondered if it was worth eating.
The room was quite spacious, so I could fit two 28-inch carriers, a stroller, and even a baby bed and still have some space.

Not many people will use it, but you can think of it as a place to stay for a while when using North Station.

That is all.

If you know why the price is so high, please leave a comment.
I’m just curious.

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